Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Anacronyms in the NHS

Acronyms guide - learn what ours mean — NHS Connecting for Health

This is the official NHS acronym site. Connecting for health.

Just some of the better ones.

ALB = Arms Length Bodies

ATP = Authority to proceed

BAU = Business As Usual

BKM = Bundle Key Milestone

CDAs = CG Delegated Authorities

CHRIS = Central Health Register Inquiry System

DA = Delegated Authority

DA = Design Authority

DEN = Delay Event Notice

DR = Disaster Recovery

EDI = Electronic Data Interchange

HIS = Health Information Service/System

SAG = Standards Assurance Group

SHOT = Serious Hazards of Transfusion

SNOMED CT = Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms

TraMS = Training Messaging Service

Can you imagine the memos that are flying about between admin staff?


HIS is BAU and has been given ATP, the SAG and EDI are showing signs of SHOT but the DR is in place. The CEO and ECTMS have contacted the ESP and ERG, all ESR have been secured. The DA is in communication with IHTDSO and the ISB. The JGBITC and the NMAS have decided that the OCCO and SPFiT are to blame. The SRO is therefore going to end up in CCU.


You will need to use the website to work it out. And a degree in bollocks, as well as a doctorate in WHATT (What the Hell Are They Talking about) , and IDUABWOI (I Don’t Undestand A Bloody Word Of It).

The author would like to point out that the above memo is NOT connected to the NHS in any way.

Angus Dei

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