Wednesday, 5 November 2008

America finally comes of age and other news

Barack o’bob the builder (can we fix it, yes we can) bama is the president elect of the USA.

Good job, mixed race, youngish (40s), charismatic, managed to get millions of voters off their “butts” and vote. Very impressive, and lets be honest anything will be better than George “w a” Bush.

After some 200 years plus America has done it.

Did he win because he was “Black”? I don’t know, did he win because he seems to be “human”? Probably, I think that people in America are as fed up with the useless “feather their own nests politicians” as we are.

So let’s stop going on about differences between us such as colour, creed and religion, and try to go forward united as people.

He has made quite a few promises-getting out of Iraq, fixing the economy, sorting out Osama Bin liner and “change” is the byword.

He will have an overall majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, which will mean that he can virtually do what he wants. The down side is that HE will be responsible, for both good and bad decisions.

Lets hope now that the “label” mindset such as “African American”, “latino” “blacks” etc can be consigned to the “trash can”.

It shouldn’t matter what colour, race or creed you are, you are all Americans.

Just as we are all “Brits”.

I was very impressed with the number of young people involved with the process; let’s hope it can catch on here, because those young people are our future.

Mr Obama does not have much experience, he is a “first term” Senator, but I personally don’t see that as a drawback. The so-called experienced Politicians have had years to sort things out and, to be honest have made a real balls up of the whole appalling scenario.

With politics it seems to be a matter of how you look at problems, rather than how it makes you look. Let’s hope that he has the gonads not to listen too much to the “oldies” and walk his own path.

The only problem I have is that here in the UK, back in the 90s we elected a young (40s), charismatic, “free thinker” who promised change, what we got was someone that embroiled us in the Iraq war, deepened our intervention in Afghanistan, totally firked up the economy, led the country to the edge of bankruptcy and then buggered off leaving us neck deep in the brown runny stuff.

Let’s hope Mr Obama will learn from others’ mistakes.

The other “big” story is Clarkson and his “comments” about murdering prostitutes on Top Gear last Sunday.

Jeremy is a strange man, I like him sometimes and then he can say something so stupid that I could burn his house down and piss in his petrol tank.

This of course is not the same thing as Ross and what’s his name, it was not deliberately intended to abuse anyone, but dear Jeremy, please, please put the brain in gear before releasing the clutch, I like your programme, I like your column, don’t make me dislike you because of one inane comment.

And one other thing, if I were you I wouldn’t drive too closely to any lorries in the next few weeks.


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