Saturday, 1 November 2008

Holloween and Star Struck

A strange thing kept happening last night.

Small people would knock on the door and beg for food. With my usual humanity I gave them some stale bread, they were so overcome with gratitude that some of them would cry.

Some were dressed in rags and they looked a bit dirty and thirsty so I doused them down with a bucket of cold water, and again they would cry with gratitude, and run off shouting with happiness.

I really didn’t know that things had got so bad that parents would send their children out to beg from complete strangers.

Perhaps Social Services should be informed.

The other thing I seemed to have missed is that apparently there is an election due in America.

From what I can gather there are four candidates.

Ohuru-Really liked her in Startrek

John Mclaine-Loved the Diehard films he made.

Vlad the Impaler-Thought he was dead.

And someone called Jobiden, whoever that is.

It seems that the election is on Tuesday the 4th of November, but people have already been voting for days.

It is a strange country isn’t it.

Any way good luck to the winner, you are going to need it.


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