Thursday, 20 November 2008


Woke up with the hump and a headache today, the news on the TV didn’t help.

Why are we so bloody interested in the “micro” news?

Is it really important that John What’s his name is pulling out of that Firkin Dancing programme which I am paying for?

As far as I am concerned they can all pull out, because “Light Entertainment” it aint.

Light entertainment is comedy and sit-com and game shows, not overpaid “celebs” prancing around trying to be “dancers”.

If they want dancing lessons let them go to a dance school and pay for it themselves, don’t expect the public to subsidise their entertainment.

And why is the BBC “news” programmes devoting so much airtime to this useless “entertainment”?

And as for “I’m A Celeb” no further comment but please keep voting to keep Silk in the jungle.

Now some “proper” news, the Gov has “beefed” up the laws on speeders, if you are 20 mph over the speed limits-50 in a 30, 70 in a 50 and 90 in a 70 zone. You will get 6 points on your license (that is if you have actually got a license-you know who you are), which means two strikes and a driving ban.

As usual this government is only going half way, if you are doing 50 in a 30 limit, you bloody well know you are, there is no excuse, and the Gov should accept that and it should be ONE strike and you’re out, 12 points no appeal, gone.

Because you pillocks that are speeding are putting peoples lives at risk, I don’t give a stuff if you kill yourselves, it is one more plonker off the road, but I do care if you destroy other peoples’ lives by killing and maiming them.

The late Alistair Cooke’s “Letters from America” scripts are to be available online-BBC News, I remember listening to his broadcasts on the radio for many years, his evocative descriptions made you feel as if you were there, he was a true reporter, and covered all aspects of American life, from the Vietnam war, the Kennedy assassination and the Watergate scandal. It will be available to academics and to visiting members of the public.

This is a must if you are interested in the proper “micro” news.

Woolies is up for sale, apparently it will be sold for a “quid”. Overpriced if you ask me.

From The Express-The Crusader has an article –“Many pensioners are being allowed to suffer because of implicit ageism within the NHS, it is claimed.”

That really isn’t “news” the NHS has been ageist for many years, mainly because they cost money, long term money, with their annoying habit of falling down and breaking hips, not to mention all the illnesses they suffer.

The treatment of older people has always taken a back seat; because they do not “contribute” they are seen as a drain on resources. The Government keeps telling us that it is bringing in this bill or that bill- “ A commitment to end unfair age discrimination within the NHS.”

So when is this actually going to happen?

I don’t normally mention other bloggers (too selfish) but here are a couple that are worth taking a look at- nourishing obscurity seems a well-reasoned chap, and-The Jobbing Doctor.

And last but not least, the BNP fiasco, I haven’t commented because it seems that the world and his wife are frantically typing away, my take on it?

It shouldn’t have happened, but as it has the BNP will have to live with it, I detest discrimination in all forms, but we are a democracy, and it is proof that our democracy works a little bit because this “political party” is allowed to exist, and express it’s views, even if I don’t agree with them. The leader of the BNP is jumping up and down screaming that he has been “violated”, why, has he got something to hide?

Why don’t we “open” up the membership lists to the public of all the “societies” like the Masons, and all the old boys’ clubs, and the other “political” parties. Lets have this “open” government they keep telling us we have.


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