Friday, 21 November 2008

Man flu

I am a bit late posting today, Woke up this morning with “Man Flu”, headache, sweats, cough and sore throat.

So I have had my “Lemsip” and am sitting here on the sofa in my jimmies and dressing gown writing this and listening to Celine Dion.

I know women regard man flu as a reason not to do anything, but I really feel lousy.

Still my man problems don’t really compare to Guy Ritchie, or Bernie Eccelstone, both of who are divorcing. Never been divorced so I don’t know what it’s like, but Guy does now, he has finally rid himself of Madge the Material girl, and says that he doesn’t Want Madge’s money, as he is worth £30 Million himself it’s a bit of a “no brainer.” But I wish him good luck; he is going to need it!

Bernie on the other hand is deep in the “doo”, after 24 years of marriage Slavica Ecclestone, has moved out of their Chelsea home and is filing for divorce.

The problem Bernie who is 78 has is that he transferred most of his wealth to his wife in a trust,and that she also owns 10 per cent of F1, the settlement is going to be massive, but he wants to keep it secret-The Times

The problem was apparently that she was fed up with his workaholic attitude, and that he refused to retire.

That’s what you get trying to be “clever” and not pay as much tax as you should.

Also from The Times is this. America wants the Uk to use the troops that are withdrawing from Iraq to go to Afghanistan to help them in Americas’ “big push”.

The Min of Defence has “strong misgivings”, and so do I. If the USA wants to escalate its attack on Afghanistan fine, but I don’t think that our troops should be embroiled in another Vietnam, this is a war that can’t be won, and enough British troops have died to sate the bloodlust of the Governments involved.

Bring our boy’s home, and let the American people decide whether their “boys” should be dying in the American “war on terrorism”.

And finally from the BBC, I know I said I wouldn’t comment on this anymore but it still really pissess me off. The BBC trust is to report on the “Sachs” row, don’t bother to report, just sack Mr “WOSS”, and put an end to this.

Bugger this I’m going back to bed.


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James Higham said...

Guy does now, he has finally rid himself of Madge the Material girl

He's well shot of it. Get well soon, Angus.