Sunday, 9 November 2008


As you know today is Remembrance Sunday.

War is a terrible thing, but some wars have to be fought, the 1914-1918, and the 1939-1945 were two that were.

They were fought to preserve, to preserve our way of life, our society. They were fought to preserve my right to post this blog and, your right to read it.

They were not fought for “assets”-oil or land, but for democracy and freedom.

I will observe the “silence” as I always do, and I will shed silent tears. Tears for the uncles and great uncles I never knew. The children they will never have and the contribution they will never make.

Tears for all those that did not return, and tears for those that did, damaged both physically and mentally.

Tears for the families that have known such terrible loss.

Tears for the loss of soldiers in countries across the world that joined us in the wars.

I will remember them.

We must remember them.



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