Friday, 7 November 2008

The Wicker man and hoppity

I did something I haven’t done for a while last night (no not that, it’s been four years you know), I watched Question Time on BBC1.

I was interested because Jack Straw was on the panel and I wanted to see him squirm.

And squirm he did, there was the obvious question re: Iraq and our part in the war, and especially the “dodgy dossier” telling us that Iraq was stuffed full of “weapons of mass destruction”.

Mr Straw of course blamed it all on the “security services” and the weapons inspectors, it wasn’t his fault at all.

But he squirmed.

The other interesting question put to him was “Is the BBC worth the license fee?” (£139.50) at the moment.

And again he reacted as expected, saying what a wonderful institution it was and all the wonderful programmes it makes, such as “Porridge and Fawlty Towers”.

I don’t think he had his brain inserted the right way round because, although both are wonderful comedies, they are 30 years old.

He made a special point of being “raised” on a council estate and the fact that he ONLY earns £140,000 per year.

And because he made such a balls up of Iraq “Gord” decided to give him the home office so that he could firk our lives up as well.

The BBC does-sorry DID make great programmes, there’s Dr Who, and Torchwood, and then there’s ………………..DR Who,………and………………Torchwood.

Sod it, no, the BBC is not worth the license fee, we get crap programmes like “dancing” and period dramas, if I want to watch people in weird old costumes I will go to the house of lords, or if I want to watch people dancing I can stand in the street on a Saturday night (with police protection of course) and watch the drunken pillocks “vomit” themselves from the night clubs. And the executives and “celebs” (including the suspended ones) get enormous amounts of money-our money.

The BBC has lost its way, it has taken on the persona of the government, if you tell people how wonderful you are often enough, then they think you will believe them.

Wrong, the public (us) are more informed and intelligent than they think we are, I personally don’t watch much BBC I tend to watch “5” or “5 Us” or ITV, because they have programmes that are not 30 years old and don’t cater to the mindless masses that go into a semi-coma when the TV is on.

I want a refund!

The other thing on was the MTV awards, Britney got a couple but the funniest award was to Sir Paul Mc Cartney-The Ultimate Legend, which I think was rather cruel considering his failed marriage to Heather Mills (Ultimate Leg end, get it?)

Please yourselves.


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Dr. Liz Miller said...

love it Angus, love it!!