Sunday, 7 December 2008

Chickened Out

Still here, didn't go, too bloody cold, snow, frost and my ankle is agony.

I seem to have a Kamikhazee Cat, she hides, and then launches herself between my feet when I am walking-sprained an ankle.

We were going to have a Boys' day out, but we wimped it.

I don't mind saying that, I am in touch with my feminine side, and can accept the fact that I am not Macho.

But freezing your balls off doing "Man" things is not my idea of the perfect Sunday.

So I am going to sit at home in the warm.

And just to keep me company, here are some daft pictures.



James Higham said...

It's a day to be in today, especially if you're not well.

angus said...

Your'e right James, I hear your'e not feeling too good either.

Is it our age or just sods' law?

CherryPie said...

That post made me smile :-)

Hope you feel better soon.