Monday, 22 December 2008


This is the fourth Crimbo I will spend on my own; I’m not looking for sympathy, or invites.
“We” really used to enjoy the festive season, no thought of the homeless or the poor, or the old, or the lonely.
Since “Mrs Angus” passed, my outlook has changed, I look on Christmas as something to get past, and over with, but I do think about the above more. Christmas to me now is a time of reflection and pondering, a time to look at the past year and add the good and the bad bits to either side of the “scales of life”.
The past three have come down heavily on” the Bad side, this year I think they may well be balanced, I have discovered the joy of Blogging, made quite a few “online” friends, and learned a lot.
I have tried to change a bit, to be less “abrasive” and more considerate in my writing, some of you may have noticed.
But deep down the “old” Angus is the one which will win, I don’t “think” too much when I write (and it shows), I call it my auto-pilot, and when I do think I get bogged down for words and unsure of the direction to take in my mindless wanderings.
I don’t tend to go into too much detail, because I find it boring to read pages and pages of stats, or quotes, and I like to think that others do as well.
So I like to “Tease” readers with a small amount of facts and then supply a link, so that they can find out for themselves what the hell I am rambling on about, because you learn much more from finding out for yourself.
I enjoy making comments on articles, and try to make people smile because then they will remember me and revisit the blog (shameless self-advertising), but that is what I do.
I love writing for NHS Exposed, the “team” are great and really supportive, and I enjoy letting loose the “Dogs of War” on the Powers That Be.
I will spend this year at home in my dark, cold garret, and will have Crimbo dinner with my Neighbours, who are the best you could have. After dinner I will stretch out on the couch and watch the TV, with my cat on my lap (there's nothing nicer than stroking a pussy in your lap), and probably fall asleep, not much different to anyone else really.
Next year I will carry on, I will continue to write and comment on things that I feel need to be brought to the attention, of others. And I think that the abrasive, gobby, patronising arrogant “Angus” will re-emerge, I hope so because I really like him.

I haven't quite got ot the point where I enjoy Christmas again yet, but you never know.

As to Crimbo-I hope you have a wonderful time, over eat, don't drink too much, and enjoy, because life can be far too short, and you don’t get a second chance.

This is my last post for a few days but,I shall be back on the 27th.

Thank you for reading the blog, and putting up with my ramblings. And I also hope that next year will be peaceful, prosperous and kind to you.


CherryPie said...

I can understand a bit how you are feeling here, my last couple of years have been out of kilter and Christmas felt :-/

So I am just hoping you can at least feel good about Christmas, to enable at least a few smiles.

BTW: You are not abrasive, it shows you haven't met some of the people I know ;-)

Take care xx

angus said...

Thank you, and I hope your Christmas is the best yet.

Henry North London said...

Ah Well Merry Chrimbo Angus

angus said...

And to you henry.

James Higham said...

Beautiful post, Angus and forgive me for quoting from it.

angus said...

Many thanks James, you extra comments are very relevant.

Have a wonderful day with your family tomorrow.