Saturday, 20 December 2008


It’s summer in Oz, and my source tells me it is very hot, so hot that certain people are getting a bit lax on the Christmas side, so much so that they can’t be bothered.

It’s not only the people that are suffering, so is the economy, house sales are down State house sales slump 25%

They are having about as much luck as us over Global Warming and cutting Emissions

The Police are in the doo, much like here, Two brothers who have pursued their claims through the Supreme Court for 14 long years had a victory yesterday when Justice Tim Smith awarded them $2.1 million damages following an assault by two officers in a Surrey Hills apartment in 1993.

Child care is a shambles, just like here, with centres closing down

But at least they care about the patients with Chronic Illness and aren’t trying to force them into non-existant jobs.

Here’s a tip if you get lost in the outback of rural Britain or anywhere else for that matter, cows apparently align themselves with Earth's north-south magnetic fields when grazing or resting. The scientists used Google Earth software to study the alignment of 8510 cows in 308 pastures around the world and 2974 red and roe deer in 241 locations in the Czech Republic.

Who thinks up these things? Do scientists sit at a table and some bright spark says “I know, lets see if cows orient themselves to the North when they are resting”?

That’s gonna destroy the Compass makers.

Here’s one for the Global Warming scaremongers the top ten dud predictions.

And just to piss you off, with the exchange rate of 1 Australian Dollar= £0.46, the price of petrol in Oz is less than 1 dollar per Litre (less than 46p).

And not in Oz but enough to give you nightmares if you are Bug / Arachnid Phobic

Scientists in Laos have discovered a spider the size of a dinner plate and a millipede that is bright pink, and laced with Cyanide, along with striped Rabbits, there aren’t any pictures thank god.

So, it seems that it doesn’t really matter where you are, apart from the fact that they will be spending Christmas day on the patio in shorts and tee shirts.


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