Thursday, 22 January 2009


Unemployment has risen to 1.92 Million, up until November that is BBC NEWS

Here’s a list with a nice map of job losses and gains BBC UK jobs tracker and there is even a “How to cope with Unemployment guide” BBC NEWS and the media is STILL referring to a “downturn” bollocks, it’s a firkin recession, let’s call it as it is.

The Royal Bank of Scotland shares have plunged 67% (see Angus Dei on all and sundry: TAKING THINGS A BIT TOO FAR?)

The Pound has fallen to $1.37, the Lloyds Banking Group shares, which now includes HBOS are at 38.3 pence down 14.5%.

There is a “squeeze map” where you can click on an arrow and find out what people think across the country Have Your Say map: The squeeze

Mortgage lending fell by 30% in 2008 BBC NEWS

You can even watch a video on how the job centre can help you

Downturn? No it’s a recession, but I suppose all the time the media and Government insist on calling it a “downturn” everything will be all right.

“Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?” John Barrymore


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