Wednesday, 14 January 2009


A quote from “what the blind man saw” but it fits nicely with the latest bit of money wasting, inane “research”-BBC NEWS.

Apparently people who drink too much coffee could start seeing ghosts or hearing strange voices, UK research has suggested.

If you drink more than seven cups of instant coffee a day you are three times as likely to hallucinate than those who drink only one cup.

The source of this amazing conclusion: 200 students at Durham university

Other amazing statements from this “study”; "“experiencing hallucinations is not a definite sign of mental illness and that about 3% of people regularly hear voices.”

What a load of old bollocks! This is the type of useless, pointless crap that makes me wonder why this type of thing is given column space.

Students are not exactly the most reliable source for research, and have a habit of “windups”; drinking twenty pints of lager can make you “see” things, as can certain herbal tobaccos.

Still I presume these highly paid “researchers” thought it was a good idea at the time, probably came up with it over a cup of coffee, or seven.

Other stuff.

Labour really isn’t doing too well is it? BBC NEWS- The Labour Party paid a sex offender convicted in the United States more than £2,500 to help it with its 2005 election campaign, the BBC has learned.

Activist Tim Russo, 41, was a visits co-ordinator in the East Midlands but did not have a UK work visa.

The Labour Party said it was unaware of Russo's past. It said it had not hired him but only paid expenses.

What is the old saying? Ignorance of the facts is no defence.

Labour again-Telegraph it seems that after the banks caused the “downturn” along with Gord’s de-regulation of the financial services, they have decided to employ someone as Trade Minister to help rescue the banks. This person is Mervyn Davies, who is a BANKER.

“The Telegraph can disclose that Mr Davies will become a peer and serve as Trade Minister under Lord Mandelson after the personal request from Prime Minister Mr Brown. It will be officially announced on Wednesday morning.”

The mind firkin boggles.

And finally.

As George Wa Bush bows out of the American Presidency, here are his twenty worse moments- Telegraph.

Only twenty?

“Indifference creates an artificial peace.”- Mason Cooley, 1992



James Higham said...

Wonder what too much tea will do to us?

christina said...

Good morrow!
i enjoyed your article about caffeine a lot....and I agree with the fact that this type of research is basically crap....(although I am afraid that many researchers "drink more than seven cups of coffee).
By the way, I was a heavy coffee drinker, never saw ghosts or hallucinated, but when I cut down on caffeine (cause I decided to follow a homeopathy treatement)...I had less negative thoughts and less stress....Is it the homeopathy treatment, the reduction of caffeine or a placebo effect....?

angus said...

James, it will make you pee.

Christina, probably all three.

but it does make me wonder about the mentality of these people.

CherryPie said...

I drink decaf... if I see odd things, what does that mean?

angus said...


Probably that you are perfectly normal-take a look at the world, it's heaving with odd things.

christina said...

Are you refering to the mentality of the researchers or the homeopaths....(although they do have something in common....)

angus said...

The mentality of the researchers, what a waste of time and money.

By the way pound for pound tea has more caffiene than coffee.

Anonymous said...

by the way, my homeopath allowed me to drink a cup of coffee per day....Does that make any sense?

angus said...

no, maybe he is trying to see how nuch you can drink before you start seeing things.

christina said...

he he!