Monday, 12 January 2009


BBC NEWS a couple from Leeds have been told that they cannot adopt a child because the husband is too fat. Mr Hall said: “"I just feel as though we were only judged on my weight and not all the other good things about us. We don't drink or smoke and we could give a child a happy and safe home."

I wonder if any of the adoption team is “big”?

From the – a man has taken 26 years to solve a Rubik Cube; “I cannot tell you what a relief it was to finally solve it,' the 45-year-old from Portchester, Hampshire, said. 'It has driven me mad over the years – it felt like it had taken over my life I have missed important events to stay in and solve it and I would lie awake at night thinking about it.

'I have had wrist and back problems from spending hours on it but it was all worth it. When I clicked that last bit into place and each face was a solid colour, I wept”

If it wasn’t so sad I would recommend OCD therapy, but the waiting list could be another 26 years.

From Yahoo! News Man opens neighbour's door with chain saw, “SCRANTON, Pa. - An eastern Pennsylvania man may face up to 37 years in prison for tearing open a neighbour’s door with a chain saw. Police say 34-year-old Robert Kane began sawing through the front door of Jamie Zaleski's apartment in Scranton while Zaleski and several friends ran out the back.
Kane was angry because a friend of Zaleski's parked in front of his house across the street. Police said when Zaleski asked who was at the door, Kane said it was his worst nightmare, told him, "Open the door or I'll cut it down," and started sawing.
A jury convicted Kane on Tuesday of charges including attempted burglary, attempted criminal trespass and terroristic threats.”

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours!

And finally from Bikers strap on fruit, pots to dodge helmet law, KANO, Nigeria - Police in Nigeria have arrested scores of motorcycle taxi riders with dried fruit shells, pots or pieces of rubber tire tied to their heads with string to avoid a new law requiring them to wear helmets.

The regulations have caused chaos around Africa's most populous nation, with motorcyclists complaining helmets are too expensive and some passengers refusing to wear them fearing they will catch skin disease or be put under a black magic spell.

Well they do say you should have five a day.

"Adversity is the first path to truth."-Lord Gorge Gordon Byron (Don Juan)


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