Monday, 5 January 2009


No I am not talking about Stanislav Petrov , or even Jerome Kerviel (look them up) but our own grumpy, dour, prudent Scot Gordon Brown.

GB as I will call him has issued his latest commandment-BBC NEWS Politics PM 'to create 100,000 new jobs' to the country on how he will “create 100,000 jobs as part of a new initiative to curb rising unemployment.”

He said “improving the environment was part of the solution to the recession.
The government plans to bring forward £10bn of spending on public works, digital technology and environmental projects to create new jobs.
Investments will be made in eco-friendly projects such as electric cars and wind and wave power, which will create jobs.
Some 30,000 jobs are to be created in school repairs, in an attempt to help private construction firms who have suffered in the economic downturn.
Mr Brown also claimed his plans would be bigger than the multi-billion dollar "Green New Deal" planned by US president-elect Barack Obama.”

His mighty-ness is going to magic up 100,000 jobs, “with unemployment at its highest level for more than a decade and many workers facing an uncertain future, Mr Brown is keen to demonstrate a new focus on the problem.”

With an estimate of three million unemployed this year GBs belated attempt to turn back the clock is a bit like pissing into an active volcano in the hope he can save Pompeii.

Too little too late.

Another quote from GB-“ We are not going to stand by and allow nothing to be done when people are facing difficulties”

So when is he going to start? People are deep in the crap, no money no jobs, no prospects and probably no homes.

Many can only afford unhealthy food, which, will cost the NHS a substantial amount of money in the future because “healthy” food is now prerogative of the rich

Many still can’t afford to heat their homes properly, and are confined to one room.

Many can’t afford to buy their kids clothes, or give them “proper meals”.

Many won’t be able to afford the exorbitant rail fares to get to work, because GB thinks that we should pay more for public transport and not the Government, so they will have to cut back on other things such as food or heating (see the pattern?).

Many more will suffer mental or physical illness because of the stress.

Many more will be trapped in poverty because of the lack of action by GB and his cohorts.

The Government, (and it really doesn’t matter which party, because they are now all the same) saw the “crash” coming, they ignored it, they then decided that they would help the banks, and ignore the people.

Then they decided that pouring billions into the banks isn’t going to work, but “we” need to spend our way out of the recession.

Now they think that spending billions on “refurb” projects to create 100,000 jobs is the way forward.

I have come to the conclusion that the “Government” and GB in particular don’t really know their arse from their elbows: they don’t have a firkin clue what to do next, or which direction to point themselves.

GB, listen to the people, make the decision to reduce peoples costs, reduce the price of “good” food, reduce the price of gas and electricity, reduce the price of public transport (because it was your idea to get us out of our cars), reduce the costs of mortgages by resetting the mortgages to the actual worth of peoples houses (which will put hundreds of pounds in our pockets each month), reduce tax on small companies, reduce the commercial “council tax” reduce the amount we give to the EU.

They say that going on a diet is bad for you, but this diet on costs would help the people who put you in office, placed their trust in you, and to be honest you have not lived up to our expectations.

I know this isn’t my usual style (on this blog anyway) , but I can’t find anything amusing to say about GB and his so called Government, because watching our country being flushed away by inaction, inability and incompetence is not funny.

“Everyone is entitled to be stupid but some abuse the privilege.”


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Many thanks Sheralle, it's nice to know that there is one reader!


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