Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I won’t say I told you so but-ECONOMIC TERRORISM………OR JUST BLACKMAIL.

Yes it is happening, the “dispute” between Russia and Ukraine is now affecting millions of people in Italy, Austria and other European countries-BBC NEWS.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia and Serbia have now reported a total stoppage of gas deliveries from Russia. Italy and Austria say they have received only 10% of their expected supply.

Russia of course is blaming Ukraine, saying that it is “stealing” gas intended for Europe, and that it was not stealing from Russia but from European countries because “they had paid for it”.

My slant on this, isn’t it strange that this type of “problem” only occurs in the middle of winter, when the demand is at it’s greatest. Russia as far as I can see has control of the pipelines, trying to get Europe onside by blaming Ukraine is a smoke screen, this is about money, and history, Russia does not like Ukraine and vice-versa, and now it has become Europe’s problem. Because people will suffer, the politicians will huff and puff but they won’t blow Russia’s house down because Russia has us by the balls. We don’t have much natural gas (apart from North Sea gas) and the gas we have is exported, so that we have to import gas at exorbitant prices from the other side of Europe.

This scenario has been in the “pipeline” for a long time, and as usual has been ignored by the Politicians, because it involves money and power, and is too sensitive for them to approach.

The UK is not at risk at the moment because our gas is delivered from Scandinavia.

So I will say it again-Economic Terrorism or just plain Blackmail?

“Know how sublime a thing is to suffer and be strong.”-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


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