Sunday, 1 February 2009


Row over pole dancing display for pupils

South Devon College in Paignton invited pole-dancing company The Art of Dance to give two demonstrations as part of their Be Healthy Week.

A packed crowd of around 1,000 teenage students, aged 14 to 19, watched the first display performed by company boss Sam Remmer in the main public area of the college.

Oh to be back in college.

Sea lion learns to write Chinese

Zookeepers at Ningbo Zoo have apparently trained a sea lion to write one Chinese character-the bull, it took the staff three months of training.

Sounds fishy to me.

That’ll teach him

A man attempted to siphon gasoline from a motor home parked on a Seattle street, he put the tube into the filler cap and sucked. Police found him curled up in agony. He had put the tube into the sewage tank by mistake.

The owner said he didn’t want to prosecute, as it was the best laugh he had ever had.

Sexist Boys’ Club

Broad plain Boys' Cub, which has survived with the name since 1894, has been forced to change its name to “Broad Plain Working With Young People Group.” Or lose Council funding.

Club leader Dennis Stinchcombe MBE, said “"There was a lot of history in that name and we are all very disappointed we've been forced to change it, especially the older lads.”

"We need the funding so we have to back down. We haven't even had any additional girls coming down - it seems another case of political correctness gone mad."

I hope the same applies to the Girl Guides, maybe it should be called “young people group of the female gender”.

You’re Nicked, oh no I’ve been nicked!

West Midlands Police have spent £10,000 on flat pack cardboard cut-outs of police “persons” (well I don’t want to be sexist).

The cut-outs have also been bought by Derbyshire, Essex , Cleveland, North Wales, South Wales, Greater Manchester, Durham, Humberside, Lancashire, Avon and Somerset, Norfolk and Surrey.

They are placed in Garages, shops, retail parks and other “places at risk”, unfortunately three went missing from filling stations in Derbyshire in the past two years, while two were stolen in Cleveland.

Humberside reported the theft of one cardboard officer, which disappeared from a Tesco supermarket in Grimsby last November.
Perhaps they should nail then down.

And finally-
Dinosaur dung stolen from Natural History Museum
The three-inch piece of fossilised dinosaur dung, or coprolite as they are known, was stolen while it was secured on display in a clamp in 2006. It is believed to have come from a plant-eating dinosaur known as titanosaurus, which grew to more than 30 feet in length and weighed about 13 tons. Police were informed of the theft but no further action was taken.

Details of the theft have been revealed for the first time in a list of specimens that have been stolen or lost from the London museum's collection over the past five years.

Among the other items taken thieves were 167 scarab beetles originating from South America, and a centipede. Another 25 scarab beetles were stolen from a car in Vienna while they were on loan to a museum in the city.

Aren’t people strange?

So justice while she winks at crimes, Stumbles on innocence sometimes. -Samuel Butler


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