Saturday, 21 February 2009


This a short second post, I try not to inflict misery on readers, because life is hard enough as it is.

But if you could, take a look at my post on NHS: ROBBIE POWELL WOULD BE 29 THIS YEAR

It is not the nicest story, in fact it is horrendous. But it really is worth perusing, it gave me a huge reality check, and although it happened 18 years ago, the agony of the parents is still there.




Jobbing Doctor said...

Angus, thank you for bring this squalid and heart-rending story to my attention.

I am ashamed of my colleagues.


The Jobbing Doctor

Angus Dei said...


Thanks for your comment, it is indeed an horrendous story, but I have been reading your blog now for a long time and I feel that you have no need to be ashamed,you are the tyoe of doctor we need in the NHS, it is those so called "Doctors" that committed this atrocity on Robbbie that will have to live with it, that is of course if they actually have a conscience, which I doubt.

CherryPie said...

That is appalling!

CherryPie said...

This just showed up on my Twitter links, I thought you might be interested:

GMC facing judicial review.

Angus Dei said...

Hi cherrypie,

Thanks for the link, that was one of the things that "set" me off

Cockroach Catcher said...

I posted this on JD so I thought I must do it here: (Thanks)
I can only quote from House M.D. ( Yes, my favourite) in one episode the Administrator assessing the hospital declared:
A: Okay. The rules exist because 95% of the time, for 95% of the people, they’re the right thing to do.

Response: And the other 5%?

A: Have to live by the same rules. Because everybody thinks they’re in that 5%.

Says it all. My calling like many other doctors is to be able to spot the 5% or maybe the 0.0005% so that the likes of Robbie Powell live on. House M.D. may have his personal problems but he represents something that was put eloquently by Deborah Kirklin in analysis of Wicclair’s article in the
on the popularity of House M.D.

“ ……for the many viewers drawn to this arch paternalist, there is something refreshing about a doctor willing to risk all—job, reputation and legal suits—in order to fulfil his duty of care to his patients: the duty to take care that his actions or inactions do not harm his patients. Because, for good or for bad (your call), once you’re House’s patient there is nothing he won’t do, no inaction he will tolerate, if he believes that by failing to act he will harm you…..”

The Cockroach Catcher