Saturday, 7 February 2009


The power of advertising

From The Telegraph Liverpool Street Station was brought to a standstill by 12,000 people copying the T-Mobile advert.

The event was organised on Facebook. The crowd, who were all listening to music through headphones, broke into dance at 7pm on Friday night in a scene which aped the advert which was filmed at the station last month.
The flash mob caused police to close the station for around 90 minutes due to fears of overcrowding.
Participants, some of whom had travelled hundreds of miles to take part, said the station was so packed that there was no room to dance.

Wonder if there were any sheepdogs present?

Two pints of milk and a joint please

A milkman delivered cannabis to pensioners on his rounds to help ease their "aches and pains", a court has heard.

His customers left him notes on the doorstep asking for the drug to be left with their daily pint. When his Ford Transit van was searched, officers found 15 wraps of cannabis, weighing 178 grams, stashed in egg crates. The Class B drug was divided into various different weights and had a street value of £450.

He was sentenced to 36 weeks in prison suspended for a year, the decision to spare Holding jail was an "act of mercy" because his wife had Alzheimer's and depended on his care.

Click on the link and take a look at the photograph and all will be revealed.

Oh S**T

A student has lost seven years of research after a bag containing 77 Kilos of rare butaan lizard excrement he had collected rom the rainforest in the Phillipines was thrown out.

"But to me it represented seven years of painstaking work searching the rainforest with a team of reformed poachers to find the faeces of one of the world's largest, rarest and most mysterious lizards.

"Its loss left me reeling and altered the course of my life forever." He said. The University has offered him 500 pounds in compensation and an apology, after the student lodged an official complaint about the loss.
But Bennett says this is not enough, and has vowed to "see them in court".
"Whether it was the largest collection of lizard sh** in the world is uncertain," he said.

It all sounds like a load of crap to me.

Try and try again, and again, and again, and again……

A South Korean grandmother has failed her driving test 771 times, police said Thursday, but a local newspaper reported she will keep trying.

The 68-year-old, identified only by her last name Cha, has taken the test almost every working day since 2005 in the south-western city of Jeonju. She failed again Monday for the 771st time.

Police estimate she has spent almost five million won (3,600 dollars) to take the written test, with each test costing 6,000 won in addition to other expenses.

I have absolutely no comment.

Here are some strange newspaper articles.

And finally.

Our beloved leader the one ey…perhaps not, has managed to do it again, the national flag was displayed upside-down at a ceremony with visiting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

Even worse, observers note teasingly that the gaffe reflects his current political woes, since traditionally flying the flag upside-down on a ship signifies that it is in distress.
The red white and blue flag, commonly known as the Union Jack, was proudly in place at a ceremony to sign a business deal in Brown's Downing Street office on Monday.

But eagle-eyed observers noted that the flag was mistakenly attached upside-down on the wooden stick, placed on the table in front of Business Secretary Peter Mandelson.

Mike Kearsley, director general of the Flag Institute said "I'm surprised that people of the calibre of Mandelson and the prime minister could allow such as mistake.”

I’m not!

Vir sapit qui pauca loquitur. (It is a wise man who speaks little.)


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