Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I don't like to do this but:

I will reintroduce the comment edit function, if people start having a pop at each other or another reader on my blog, if you want to "have a go" at someone leaving a comment do it on your own blog, or by emailing them.

I will not allow snide comments about other bloggers, if you want to discuss the post-great, but I consider "Angus on all and sundry" to be a place of discussion and reasoned comment.

If you don't like that fine, go somewhere else to slag people off, but you won't do it here.

And just to re-establish a bit of calm and niceity-here are a couple of photos from my garden.


1 comment:

CherryPie said...

Thank You x

You have more flowers out than me, mine seem to saving themselves for later except for the snowdrops.