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But first, a word of thanks for all the people who visited the “Justice” blog yesterday and emails of support I have received, your care is appreciated.

A butler has been given permission to remove his electronic tag - so he can continue to serve a countess with his legendary scrambled eggs. Ananova

A butler has been given permission to remove his electronic tag - so he can continue to serve a countess with his legendary scrambled eggs.

Gary Lindley, 34, who once served at Buckingham Palace, was made the subject of a curfew order after a drunken brawl in his local pub, reports the Daily Mail.

Part of his punishment was to stay at home between 9pm and 9am but he claimed he was often required to stay over for his work at the Countess of Arran's Castle Hill Estate in Barnstaple, Devon.

Magistrates heard that Lindley needed to sleep overnight at the 18th century castle on a number of dates in May which would put him in breach of his curfew hours.

They agreed he could take the tag off during special occasions he was required as a butler but continue to adhere to the sentence at other times.

Speaking after the hearing, the Countess said she would 'stick by' her employee despite his conviction.
The Countess said: "He is the sort of butler a lot of people would like to have. He is extremely hard working and a very good cook. He cooks the best breakfasts every day and the best scrambled eggs."

It just goes to show that it’s who you know not what you do.

The Hills are alive…..Moo-sical treat

Livestock expert Franz Koeberl, 41, has been serenading the animals on the family farm in Birkfeld, Austria, with his accordion for more than a decade.

Franz and his family, who all play instruments, stage live concerts for the animals to help with milk yield or to keep them calm.

"Whenever they see me coming over the hill with my accordion, they come running and gather around to listen to the tunes. They prefer Strauss - although I and my family would rather hear Mozart," he explained.

"We all play musical instruments and we often play for the animals, and we found that Norma, Norli, Nanni and the rest of the 20 cows have a clear preference for classical music.

"In particular they seem to like the waltz. They are more likely to be sitting down taking the weight off their feet and obviously enjoying the music whenever a waltz is playing - and that also means they are producing more milk," he added.

And the cows most favourite-I’ve got a brand new combine harvester.

Scientists in Spain say they have developed a wheelchair that can be controlled by the mind.

The wheelchair uses a laser scanner to create a three-dimensional picture of the area around it, which is displayed on a screen.

The user simply concentrates on the part of the display where they want to go and the chair responds accordingly.

A skullcap fitted with electrodes is used to detect brain activity of the users - and work out their desired destination.

Dr Javier Minguez, who developed the chair at the University of Zaragoza in Spain, said the volunteers took just 45 minutes to learn how to use the chair.

The wheelchair prototype can only handle two thoughts a minute so far - but Dr Minguez hopes to develop faster and more sophisticated versions in the next few years.

So what happens if you are going down the street and see a nice pair of buns in a tight pair of jeans?

Bloody cheek…….. Sat nav for supermarkets

Satellite navigation gadgets will soon be able to help pensioners find their way around supermarkets.

Scientists are working on device which works like a car navigation system to help elderly shoppers baffled by changing layouts in aisles.

It is part of government-funded research at three centres - Newcastle, Aberdeen and Nottingham universities - into new ways of using digital technology to help the elderly and disabled, reports the Daily Telegraph.

There is a much easier and cheaper way, just read the signs over the aisles, or if their eyesight is that bad ASK SOMEONE!

Ananova Men have been racing in 8cm stilettos in a high heeled running festival in China.
The two week long event in Nanning, Guangxi province, features races for men, women and couples.

Male racers must wear heels at least 8cm high while women have to wear 10cm stilettos as they are more used to wearing high heels.
A spokesman for the organisers told Wuzhou Daily that many of male runners had found it "exciting" to run in shoes they did not normally get the chance to wear.

What ever floats your boat I suppose, next year apparently there is going to be a “wear your partners underwear week” I know a few people who will enjoy that.

Yorkshireman wakes up after op with Irish accent
A Yorkshireman woke up a new man after a brain operation - and with a strong Irish accent.
Chris Gregory, 30, sat up in his hospital bed and sang a stirring rendition of Danny Boy to astonished fiancee Mary, 36.

Mr Gregory, who is Sheffield born and bred, had spent three days on a life-support machine before he came round.

For the next half-hour, he amazed relatives with his broad Gaelic lilt. But by the next day his own Yorkshire accent was back.

Specialists have linked the phenomenon to a condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome - which can affect the control of the lips, tongue and vocal cords in extremely rare neurological cases.
Eh by gum, or should that be Begorrah?

And finally:

Telegraph A couple were arrested after being caught having sexual intercourse on the Queen's lawn outside Windsor Castle.

They were watched by crowds of tourists beneath the castle's Garter Tower, in full view of hotels, pubs and shops over the road.

Several Japanese tourists filmed the couple for up to twenty minutes before they were arrested by armed Royal Protection Squad officers.

Witness Mark Robinson, 44, told The Sun: "One window from the guardroom opened up and when a soldier saw what was going on he told his mates – and lots of windows opened.”

"The couple did not care who was looking and just kept going as if they were in their own bedroom.

"They even ignored the Please Keep Off The Grass signs.

"A few soldiers were geeing them on from above and plenty of young people did the same from the roadside. There were camera flashes going off and people videoing."

I didn’t think Prince Phil still had it in him! (The power of editing)

Since light travels faster than sound, people appear bright until you hear them speak.” Anon



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