Saturday, 16 May 2009


There was a group I heard about
They called themselves New Labour
They spent our money fast as light
And thought it was their favour

They spent on beams and toilet seats
On furniture and carpets
They spent on plants and security
With no accountability

They spent on nappies and bath robes
And thousands more on big TVs
And Christmas decorations and other vital needs
They spent our money on themselves
And other applications

They bought new houses
And spent it all on doing up
Their second or third homes
They even spent it on dry rot
But not upon a lobster pot

There was another group I heard
And they were called the Tories
And from the press there came
Even more horror stories

This lot were spending just as much
They spent on moats and tennis courts
And bulbs and dog food too
And I heard that one of them
Spent hundreds on horse poo

On chandeliers and flower seeds
On swimming pools and other needs
There’s one who built a portico
And more who claimed for council tax
And even claimed for chauffeurs

They claimed as much dough as they could
They claimed for ovens and for food
They claimed for debts they didn’t have
And even for their personal slaves

And then there was another lot
They called themselves Lib Dems
They claimed for bedside shelves
And even for the bed

They claimed for parking and court costs
They claimed for rocking chairs
They even claimed for relatives
Who lived in second homes

They claimed for gardens and repairs
For stamp duty and new kitchens
They claimed our dosh for all they could
And thought that we all understood

They all say sorry, it was a mistake
We didn’t mean to take and take
An accidental claim we made
The public purse we have betrayed

We claimed your cash because we could
And on reflection perhaps we should
Have kept our hands deep in our pockets
And not submitted all these dockets

And now that we have all owned up
You will forgive us for our greed
The thoughts of us they will recede
Our motives you perhaps misread

We did it for the best of reasons
For accommodations and acquisitions
We spent your money on ourselves
We thought that you were all fools
But truth be known we did no wrong
Because it was within the rules

“Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.”-Erich Fromm


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CherryPie said...

Excellent :-)

Reading it makes me angry though!

angus said...

It made me angry writing it:)