Friday, 12 June 2009


Nothing new there then you may think, what I am confused about is the multiple choice methods of keeping in touch with other bloggers and promoting my site(s).

There is of course Blogger, which is useful and easy, and the “reading list” is very good, but then it gets complicated, there is blogspot, bloglog, wordpress, typepress, yahoo, msn, and then we have twitter, facebook and the other “connecting people” thingys.

I get emails saying that someone is following me on such and such a site, and would I like to follow them, and to be honest I have forgotten my password and can’t remember joining, so I go to the site, request my password and log in and then do the thing with I follow you if you follow me (isn’t that a Cat Stevens song?), anyway I am quite happy to follow people and have them follow me, I just wish there was a simpler way of doing all this “connecting”.

The reason all this came up is because I received a letter from MENSA this morning, I was a member but left years ago because the fee was double that of the American MENSA, and the magazine was guaranteed to send you into a coma after five minutes due to the anal nature of the articles, mind you there are some very acceptable ladies in the said “club” (not that club!), they want me to rejoin and are extolling the benefits-the fee is now £45 per annum, there are book events and I can buy MENSA products at favourable prices, I can get early invitations onto TV quiz shows and newspaper interviews, and meet other members in regional, special interest groups and chat forums.

That is the irony of it, they actually think that I am stupid enough to take them up on their offer; I don’t want to meet people who are interested in the armour used by Henry the eighth in the month of may in god knows what year, or the mating rituals of the lesser spotted blue arsed bonker bird.

By the way I only took the test for a laugh, and bugger me I passed, but I don’t need “like minded” souls to converse with, I prefer “all and sundry”.

Another bit of news the other Angus blogs are coming back on line as from Monday.

“A thousand cups of wine do not suffice when true friends meet, but half a sentence is too much when there is no meeting of minds.” Chinese proverb


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James Higham said...

I think you're too intelligent for me.

angus said...

Nah! It just means I am good at certain tests, mind you it does come in handy when knobs brag about how many degrees thay have and I can show them my mensa certificate signed by none other than Sir Clive Sinclair:)

CherryPie said...

I tend to stick all my blogs and flickr links in google reader. That helps me to see when someone has posted something new. It isn't fool proof and sometimes there is a delay for posts to show.

But like you I have no idea how to easily keep tabs on all the other sites.