Monday, 1 June 2009

Monday Monday

Strange weekend, it seemed to go on for ever, half of which I spent painting the fences and tidying up the garden (a bit), spoke to some friends, and got a phone call from a well known American news service re the NHS. Watch this space, you never know.

Slightly different format today, just a ramble on my warped view of the world.

SuBo as Susan Boyle is now known is under assessment in a private clinic regarding her mental health, not really surprised; the “official” diagnosis is exhaustion, my diagnosis would be exploitation.

Same with the little girl who cried on stage, what are we becoming? I had no interest at all in BGT and didn’t watch any of it apart from 10 minutes or so by accident, but the country and even the world seemed to focus on this second rate Butlins take off “talent” show, I half expected the red coats to appear, but instead we had Ant and the other one, another good reason not to watch it.

On to other things, I was listening to radio four this morning, they had Gord the Impaler on, who was trying to convince the world that he had been fighting for expenses reform since last year, but no one would listen to him, maybe that is why we should have a general election as soon as, because when Parliament ignores the Prime Minister it is time for a change, and I have an idea, why don’t parliament pass a law to make party manifestos legally binding, the when the politicos renege on their promises we have a means of forcing them to comply.

It seems that the Queen and her family are living in slums; Buck house and Windsor castle need £32 million spent on them, “A new roof at the palace will cost £16 million, new heating £2.4 million, and the replacement of the Victorian water mains at Windsor Castle £3 million.”
Maintenance work is now an average of six years behind schedule on the occupied palaces while the £3 million restoration of the Victoria and Albert mausoleum at Windsor should have been completed 14 years ago.

It seems that there are 360 properties that “support” the Queen, I am quite fond of the Royal family but now that the kids have grown up and left maybe they should think of downsizing.

Swine flu has raised it’s snout again, there are warnings by “Professor John Oxford, an expert in virology, said that even though only 229 cases of swine fu have been confirmed in the UK so far, he was certain of a flu pandemic which would take hold as autumn begins.”

Something to look forward to.

Heathrow's Terminal 5 has subsidence the wonderful luggage bermuda triangle is sinking, BAA - who own T5 - confirmed it was suffering from subsidence but insisted the problem was minor and nothing to worry about.

Tell that to the insurance company, just a thought, why don’t they build all the terminals underground, then they would be able to put a new runway in without destroying most of the uk.

And finally:

The most important story of the day-I have lost two socks, I now have a pair of odd uns, where do they go? And where do all the caps off of Biros go? Is there a place in the world that is crammed to the rafters with odd socks and pen caps? Where do tools disappear to? You put them down and ten seconds later thay are gone, along with letters, and that important piece of information you have just printed out with your pass words on, or that phone number you have spent fifteen minutes searching for in the phone book, you write it down pick up the phone to call and, it’s gone.

It was a strange weekend.

Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.” ~Bill Watterson


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Devonshire Dumpling said...

I have a red sock here that is not mine. I also now have (sadly) a great amount of pastel pink underwear that has replaced the brilliant white underwear that I innocently thought that I was washing.

Do you have the partner to this red sock? If so, it is YOUR sock! If you claim it then tell me what on earth were you doing here in the hours of darkness, using my washing machine without my permission.

angus said...

Twasn't me DD, what you have there I'm afraid is the phantom red sock setter, who sneaks about houses at night putting his red socks into empty washing machines in order to catch the unwary.

You need to report it to the police, the man you need to speak to is Sgt Spindry the serious grime squad, Daz Lane, Pink Nethers, Zanussi.

Who will take down your particulars and see you white.

James Higham said...

Susan Boyle is now SuBo?

angus said...

Apparently, bit like Jlo but with a smaller arse.

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