Sunday, 26 July 2009


I have had a nap and a Lemsip and feel almost human again, I don’t know about other bloggers but I get a lot of emails re the posts, from people who don’t comment, but that is OK, contact is contact.

Recently I have had some saying that I don’t do “serious”, and my posts are “flippant” and “shallow”.

I did do “serious” and you can see them here on a blog I used to write for (mind you they are not all “deep” but decide for yourselves).

I prefer amusing, or funny as a label, I discovered at the age of 54 that life is far too short for some people, and my way of coping is to find the “lighter” side, to bring a grin or even a full blown belly laugh, (and maybe make them think a bit) to the poor deluded (but very welcome) folk that actually read my blog,.

I have two other blogs Angus Dei politico which is not what you would call “politically correct” because I find politicians to be laughable in the extreme as well as capable of talking complete bollocks about any subject, and Angus Dei-NHS-THE OTHER SIDE, which is a bit serious, but informative (I think) for us that are not of the medical persuasion.

So my reply to the people who think that I post “inane” material, or get my words wrong, or use the wrong tense is: you don’t have to read it, if you want serious fine, find it somewhere else, if you want to “connect” with me fine, but be constructive.

After all it’s not rocket surgery is it?



Phidelm said...

There are people out there who neither read nor think let alone show respect for others' thoughts/views. They lead sad, solipsistic, warped little existences, have probably never taken a risk, had a real relationship or done anything remotely interesting in their entire pathetic lives - so they obviously get off on abusing people who actually have had much more experience, whether good or bad. They are bottomless pits of demand for attention, probably because deep down they know they don't deserve any as they have done precisely sod all to EARN it.
Sorry to haer you've been mobbed by one of these gob*****s. They are all, despite their delusions of brilliance, a shower of muck savages who are twice as thick as pigshite but only half as useful.
LET'S HEAR IT FOR ANGUS DEI in his 'onallandsundry' incarnation - funny, wry, witty, clever, mocking, giving a much-needed sense of perspective and proportion to things that would otherwise make us rage or weep (and, as Angus rightly says, life's short/sad enough as it is without making things worse).
I LOVE this blog. It makes me laugh - a much under-valued activity. And I bet there are many others who feel the same.
The two other blogs in which AD's involved are enlightening and well-written (and, God, both qualities are like hens' teeth).
Keep on keeping going - and don't forget the Lemsip ...
* + RFtBC

CherryPie said...

Well said by you and Phidelm. Why would they be hanging round reading it if they don't like it, seems a bit daft to me!

If find your posts clever, witty and amusing :-)

& I hope you are feeling better soon.

Devonshire Dumpling said...

Phildem's comments says it all. I love to read your blog as you carefully combine the witty with the more serious posts and links. may you long continue to post as you do, Angus.

I can never understand some bloggers and their need to post negative comments. Simply because if a blog is getting boring or a little one track I decide not to bother to visit it again, but I do honour the bloggers point of view and if it does not resonate with me I simply don't revisit it.

Keep on posting as you do, me old mate, you are a pleasure to read and your wry comments are the icing on the cake which brings me straight back to Phildem's comments who says it all "much more betterer than wot I duz"

angus said...

Many thanks all,sorry I am a bit late replying, but I sat down to watch the Grand prix, fell asleep and have just woken up as it finished, sod's law:)

I have no intentions of changing the blog, and these "people" do not bother me I just thought I would let them know:)

Phidelm said...

Good for you, Angus.
Of course you can fight your own battles. All the same, does that mean we three can't greet your detractors with the old cantripps, curses & eye-of-bat-tongue-of-newt malarkey? Ah, go on - you know it makes sense ;-).