Monday, 24 August 2009

My waterworks are working

Nothing succeeds like a parrot they say and I have managed to succeed with my water, I went for a walk and heard the sound of pneumatic drills, so I crept up on the lesser toiling Britworker and managed to corner one in his natural habitat, the trench.

The other two specimens were of course leaning on the safety rail less hard hats, ear defenders and steel toed boots watching.

I approached the entrenched digger and asked “are you from the water company?”, I had seen the van with ‘water’ and blue wavy lines on it, but you can’t take chances with the Britworker.

“Yep” he said, “are you fixing a leak” I asked with fluttering heart, “yep” said he, my spirit soared, “is it fixed” I asked with mouth agog in admiration, “yep” said he again.

So I asked him why it had taken so long to fix said leak, “we don’t work weekends” he said, “the emergency crew take care of weekends” he added, “and they put a temporary patch on the leak”, “is that why the pressure was low” I asked, “yep” he said in confirmation.

Ecstacy!! I thanked the entrenched one, the other two looked at me as if I had just given them an extra tea break, and I strolled home with a spring in my step.

Once indoors I turned on the hot tap with trepidation and behold! Hot water issued forth, and then I dashed upstairs and turned on the shower, magic! More hot water came from the human car wash.

I am now about to indulge myself with a hot shower, and will be out of internet range for a while, all is well once more in the Angus household, even the RFBT is happy.

And not a bleedin Frenchman in sight.



Anonymous said...

Why the Frenchman? Do you think that we don't take showers, or ???

However, the French workers do exactly as the Brit workers. One in the hole and 3-5 others standing around watching. You can be sure that the guy in the hole has non-French origins!

Glad your water's on. The smell was coming through the Internet.

James Higham said...

Three post in one day - Angus, you're getting active.

Angus Dei said...

Dedene the French own my water supplier:)

James, just in one of those moods,hope it lasts:)

CherryPie said...

Aww! love that pic :-)