Thursday, 10 September 2009

Finally, the radiator is in

This is an extra post especially for DD over at Noclue, I have fitted the radiator to the Honda, and I have pics to prove it, but ignore the dates on them as I had to replace the batteries in the camera and forgot to reset the date.

It took me 37 minutes ( I timed it), nothing went wrong, nothing burst or leaked, and the man at the MOT place was right, no gearbox oil leaked out.

But honest the bloody thing is in and working.

Old one in the box

New one in the car

Old and new together

DD, you can now come off red alert ( or should that be rad alert).


Devonshire Dumpling said...

You have FINALLY fitted in your new radiator? Oh yessss! That car of yours was really worrying me, the poor sod.

I am chanting out loud "it was the wibble wibble wibble bibbly fleeper. It was the heeby heeby WHEEEEEEEEEEEE ding - dong sniggly. Honk ! Boo loo da lee. Boingy boingy whoo boingy whoo whoo job" which roughly means that I’m sharing my excitement and delight at the news with you.

Oh nice pics as evidence - but please try a smaller aperture at a faster speed in future and polish the leads after you have changed the gasket - but I think you only did the replacement because (a) I embarrassed you totally online (b) you had nothing else better to do today or (c) I offered to come and visit you wearing my mechanics overalls and with my extensive toolkit in my boot or even (d) your cat for some reason is ignoring you today.

Personally, I think it was probably the deleted (e) that only you saw when I said I would appear naked but only wearing baggy oily paint splattered overalls whose shoulder straps meant that I was only dressed from the thighs down and showing a builders bum, and carrying a bottle of whisky and 4 pints of beer and had a take away in the car did not help mattera at all, did it? Let alone the candles and also a portable log fire but I would not share my comment online for any other blogger to read. I think I went wrong with the log fire seeing I doubt if you have a fireplace or even a must be that as my itemized tool kit details didn't work and you have not moaned about the cat for the past 18 hours or not even posted about being bored. I guess you had a macho moment or a car breakdown but you shared it with me on the blogsphere - bless!

However, at the end of the day and most importantly you actually fitted the new radiator and all on your own? Did you write B-U-M on the dusty cardboard box it was housed in beforehand?

Did you break down last night and dare not blog about it because you knew bloody well in advance that I’d nag “nyah-nyah-ne-nyah-nyah I told you to fit your radiator” as a comment to your every post for months to come?

Were you too embarrassed that despite hiding in Hampshire you were horribly acutely aware that I might actually find you (cue naked baggy low slung overalls and extensive tool kit in car)

But I am really most impressed with you, Angus! Not only am I impressed with you but to find a comment from you especially addressed to moi …..Well, that is really a double whammy. I am so relieved about youor new radiator thatI am going to start crying again now, and it’s all your fault.Your brvrrom brvoom has a new glug-glug which is a much better heading than your pissy "finally, the radiator is in"

I guess I better put my overalls away...........

angus said...


I was too knackered to think up a witty heading, but I suppose three years or so is long enough to put a job off.

The reason is that the weather was just right, no sun, warm enough, no wind, you have to get the right atmosphere for this kind of thing:)

The other reason is that I was fed up with tripping over the bloody thing in the back room, and with the cat trying to get into the box.

If you click on the pics you can see the rad in all it's close up glory:)

James Higham said...

I see that ths is an emotional moment here so I'll just slip out the door quietly and respectfully. A man has to savour his new radiator by himself.

CherryPie said...

What kept you ;-)