Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Idiots Guide To Politics

Being an idiot myself it has taken me quite some time to work this out. It isn’t about “lefties”, “righties” or any other “ies”, it is a plain view of politics as I see it, and I may be miles off, if I am tell me.

Politics has two sides, ignore “parties” and all the hype.

There are the Voters and the Politicians.

The Voters want:

The lowest possible taxes and the highest possible public services.

They want immediate treatment by the NHS, police persons on every corner, the lowest food and fuel prices, low mortgage rates and high savings rates, an improving standard of living, a job for life and a long and well provided for retirement.

The Politicians want:

The highest possible taxes and the lowest cost of public services.

They want to rake in the money by telling us what is bad for us and taxing it to the extreme-fags (health care costs, although smokers contribute a surplus to the Gov), petrol (global warming), and booze will soon follow.

They want to make us feel that they are doing a wonderful job so that they can be re-elected, thus protecting their salaries and pensions (although the “redundancy package” is pretty good).

And the kudos from being an MP brings them in huge amounts of extra money.

I said ignore the parties because there seems to be no difference between them.

So how do we reconcile these differences?

“We” don’t: we elected these people to look after our interests, but what we get is what we have, politicians of all ilk’s desperately trying to appease us with half arsed ideas which they and we know won’t work.

A lack of honesty from all parties, a lack of common sense, and a lack of policies.

Voters trust the politicians (or at least we used to) to run the country for our benefit, Politicians trust the voters to be ill informed and accepting.

The snag is that we are informed and a bit ratty about the state of our country, we want change and answers, sadly the politicians have no answers and cannot change.

We have a stalemate, taxes will go up, public services will be cut, we won’t get our immediate treatment from the NHS, policing will be as it is now, bugger all, food prices will rise, petrol prices will rise, there are no jobs for life, and we will have to work till we drop dead, if there are any jobs left.

Even if we change Governments, we will be no better off, the politicians have the upper hand, and we will struggle on as usual, they will continue to rip us off and we will continue to pay.

Politics-it’s a funny old game.




Angus Dei politico


James Higham said...

Well analysed, Angus. Are you changing your style a bit here?

CherryPie said...

I totally agree!!

If you stand I will vote for you :-)

angus said...


No. it was just something that occured to me:)


If I stand it would make me as bad as the rest:)