Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A plea from a thicko

I have a problem, I have purchased a nice brand new laptop with Vista and Office 2007 installed, vista is OKish, but I prefer XP, anyway, my problem is this.
In office XP when I saved a doc or a pic it would appear at the bottom of the folder, which made it easy to find and use when blogging, in bleeding word 2007 the bloody thing insists on saving docs and pics in alphabetical order, which means I spend hours trying to find pics to add to the blog, especially as I forget what I have saved them as.
I have tried to alter the view (Sort by) and every thing else I can think of but I cannot get the thing to do what I want it to.
I have tried Microsoft help, office help and the Samaritans without success.
Is there a way to view the docs/pics as saved or am I doomed to spend the rest of my life searching.
All advice accepted with a thickos thanks.


Devonshire Dumpling said...

Give CIT a try Angus, the link is on my blog. Someone there will help you (I don't know the answer but on of the members will)

angus said...

Thanks DD I'll give it a try:)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Angus! I'm hopeless with this stuff too.

angus said...

Thanks Dedene, but I have sorted it myself:)

James Higham said...

Don't you just hate the way Mac owners come in and say, "Buy a Mac, Angus..." ?

angus said...


No comment.