Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A further selection of ‘Anglish’ today, the full dictionary will be published on this blog when it is completed, probably in 2025 or thereabouts.

Only 9998 more posts to go.

Ballinballsapain-(ball-in-balls-a-pain)-when that dear little child kicks a football into your veggies

Bikeapillock-(bik-ea-pill-ock)-those cyclists that creep up on the nearside in traffic and then decide to cut across the front of your car to turn right when you start to move

Burnacrotchalot-(burn-a-crotch -a-lot)-what happens when you don’t have something between your soft bits and your laptop

Comareamer-(coma-reamer)-the ability to bore people into a state of unconsciousness
A lewd act performed on someone who is on life support

Gobadrop-(gob-ad-rop)- the git who can’t keep their mouth shut when something has gone wrong

Inmigap-(in-my-gap)-the entrance to the front garden


A lewd act.

Nofitingap-(no-fit-in-gap)-people of either sex that couldn’t fit a ten foot car into a twenty foot parking space

Notinginnoggin-(nothing-in-noggin)- airhead, politician, devoid of any thought processes

Petisboss-(pet-is-boss)-those poor unfortunate people who are ruled by the soft fluffy thing usually with four legs that decides to live in your house

Pumpabadside-(pump-a-bad-side) -when you pull up at the garage and the filler cap is on the wrong side

Pumpagoodside-(pump-a-good-side)- when you pull up at the garage and you have remembered which side the filler cap is

Remotoangst-(remo-to-ang-st)- when the batteries in the remote are dead and you press as hard as you can on the button to make it work(also applies to remote central locking)

Shiftabuck-(shift-a-buck)- that person who never takes the blame

Tutbuggerer-(tut-bugger-er)-that sod in the garage that looks at your car, tuts and says it’s only fit for the scrap yard


A lewd act performed upon an Egyptian Pharaoh whether dead or alive

My head hurts.




Angus Dei politico


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Comareamer - I know a few of those ;-)

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