Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Medical Experiment-Porkie Flu-Day Two

Still haven't changed the date on the camera'

Slept OK-ish last night, woke up with a headache, blocked nose, sinus pain, aching muscles and a temp of 39.6C(up) but the cough seems to have lessened.

The appetite is shot now, don’t feel hungry at all, but the Tamiflu should be taken with food, so I had a milky coffee to wash it down.

In the interests of science I will not be taking any Lemsip today, just Paracetamol which I know lowers the temperature and helps with the aches, and of course the anti trotters cough miracle drug Tamiflu.

No nausea or vomiting to report, but one interesting “side effect”, the tinnitus I have put up with for five years went away last night, but it has returned this morning.

All in all I feel worse today, but I am sure that the wonderful “T” drug will have me leaping about in no time, or not.

Still don’t know if it is “seasonal” or swine flu and being diagnosed by computer and told to stay in it is unlikely I will ever find out, unless of course I come down with it again (whatever it is) in which case I can’t get more Tamiflu and I will have to visit the doctor to get anti-virals but as I won’t be able to go out for five days or so it seems a bit pointless.

Which also leaves me in a quandary regarding the “Flu Jab” which is normally given to me on my “review” at the Docs in November, do I don’t I?

Live is a sneeze and then...............

Many thanks for your well wishes, if I feel better later I may try to do a ‘normal’ post.




Angus Dei politico


Anonymous said...

Poor Angus! Hope it's not the N1H1.
No one is getting vaccinated here, so the gov't is starting to talk about the growing number of cases of the flu. I guess in order to scare people into getting their vaccinations.
Get well soon! Drink lots of fluids, and rest!

angus said...

Thank you dedene, I don't know whether it is "ordinary" flu or porkie flu, as for the H1N1vaccination, I certainly won't be having it.

But I am now a statistic:)