Thursday, 24 March 2011

Boring budget: Arepa, Arepa: Automatic kiss: Hanging out in China: My-what a big sausage: and Yeti-gain.

Loads of misty stuff at the Castle this morn, just been down to Tesco to stock up on stale bread and gruel, the forecourt was packed with motorists enjoying the 1p per litre cut-not, and because the weather was far too nice to sit indoors in front of the one eyed dominator yesterday, I took a day off and went to the seaside.
There may be a second post later today-then again………

Engineers have resumed work to restore the cooling system of reactor 3 at Japan's stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, reports say.

Good luck with that, and if they knew that the reactors were in an earthquake zone, why didn’t they build them on the North coast?

The debacle continues, Infighting and confusion over the command of the Libya military mission threatened on Wednesday night to continue into next week as NATO remained deeply split and Barack Obama announced the US would pull back "this week".

No surprises there then.

Load of old bollocks presented by the wanker reptilian alien in disguise.

Employees of Venezuela's largest food company cooked the world's largest arepa Wednesday, producing a flattened corn flour patty weighing 1,087.31 pounds (493.2 kilos). It was 19.7 feet (6 meters) across.
Arepas, which vaguely resemble Mexican tamales, are a traditional favourite in this South American country and neighbouring Colombia. The patties are usually stuffed with fillings like shredded beef, cheese or black beans.

The previous record weight for an arepa was 440 pounds (200 kilos).


Helen Staudinger, 92, wanted a kiss, and authorities say she wouldn’t take no for an answer.
The central Florida woman fired a semi-automatic pistol four times at her 53-year-old neighbour’s house after he refused to kiss her, police said Tuesday.
“If my head would have been over just a little bit further, (a bullet) probably would have hit me in the back of the head,” the neighbour, Dwight Bettner, told Reuters.
Staudinger was in jail Tuesday, a day after being arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and shooting into a dwelling.
According to a police report, Staudinger told deputies she went to Bettner’s house in Fort McCoy, Florida, and refused to leave until he gave her a kiss.
When he said no, they argued and she left angry, the report said
Bettner said he was on the phone with his father moments later when he heard gunshots. One bullet went through a window, spraying him with glass.
The former law enforcement officer said his elderly neighbour had seemed attracted to him since he moved in six months ago.
“I’ve taken her trash out for her, just neighbourly stuff,” Bettner said. “I guess she just took that as something else.”

Moral-never help out the loony old bat next door, especially if she has a gun…..

Hundreds of people attended a naked and fancy dress skiing party in the mountains of western China.
They wore a bizarre range of costumes - but only 22 were brave enough to turn out in the snow naked or partially dressed.
Two male skiers turned out for the 'Naked Pig' event, at the Tianchi International Ski Resort, in Urumqi, Xinjiang province, completely nude apart from their skis, boots and hats.
"We have this party at the end of the skiing season each year but this has been the best yet," said a spokesman for the resort.
The prize for best costume was won by Zhang Rongmin, who dressed as a half-naked Arab.
And the 'Coldest Beauty' award went to Xie Yong, who wore nothing but a snowflake to cover his modesty. Both won the equivalent of £100 and a trophy.

I get this image of a pickled Walnut……

Butchers in Italy have pinched the record for creating the world’s longest sausage from their Romanian counterparts, creating a banger more than half a kilometre long.
The 594-metre long sausage took ten cooks from Penne, a small town in the centre of the country, three hours to craft.
More than half a tonne of meat - weighing exactly 1,300 lbs - was used to stuff the skin for the longest-ever sausage, which was produced in the main street.
It was officially measured at 597.8m and was declared to have easily beaten the previous Romanian record-holder, whose sausage was only 392m in length, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

The giant sausage was cut up into 7,000 ordinary-sized bangers, stuffed in sandwiches and sold to the spectators to raise money for local charity Caritas.

What a whopper……

And finally:

A scientific institute to study yetis is to open in Siberia, under plans being considered by officials.
The Russian coal-mining region of Kemerovo in western Siberia will announce its final decision after hosting an international conference on yetis later this year, according to the regional government's education and science department.
"The town of Tashtagol will host an international conference with leading experts into hominids. Based on its results, we will take a decision on opening a scientific research institute to study the yeti."
Yetis, or Abominable Snowmen, are hairy apelike creatures of popular myth that are generally believed to inhabit the Himalayas.
But some believe Russia also holds a population of yetis, which it calls Snow Men, in remote areas of Siberia such as the mountains in the southern part of Kemerovo around Tashtagol.
Kemerovo officials cited yeti researcher Igor Burtsev as saying that around 30 Russian scientists are studying yetis and could work together at the planned institute.
The Kemerovo region has used its reputation for sightings of yetis to promote tourism. It holds an annual Yeti Day and this year it will run an ice sculpture competition called "In the World of the Yeti".


And today’s thought: a quote from Tara Palmer-Tomkinson-"I often pay homeless people to come round and clean my car."  



Bernard said...

I see you had a visitor from Phuket about an hour ago.
My geography is not very good and I don't recognise those little flags, but I wonder where it is?

I'm sure I have a joke about the longest sausage, but, do you know, for the 'life of me' I can't remember it.
Cheers..Bernard the forgetful.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I was wondering the same thing myself about Japan, Angus. I love your succinct opinion of the budget.

Angus said...

Are you sure you have spelt that right Bernard the Thailand watcher?

Same here re the sausage, mind you there is this one-

Patient:"Doctor, my wife thinks I'm crazy because I like sausages."

Psychiatrist: "Rubbish! I like sausages too."

Patient: Good, you should come and see my collection. I've got hundreds."

Just seems like common sense to me Welshcakes:)

The truth hurts:)

Bernard said...

This is what it said Angus -

"Phuket arrived from on "All and Sundry: September 2009" by searching for stephansquintet_hubblesmall.
06:30:38 -- 13 hours 25 mins ago"

Like the sausage joke, :)

CherryPie said...

Rather sprightly for a 92 year old!

Angus said...

I get a lot of visitors who say Phuket Bernard the banger watcher.

Glad she doesn't live next door to the Castle Cherrypie:)