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Piss Poor Policies Dave C and Japan: Disabled don’t “benefit” from cuts: Wichita Numpty: Frog’s Porn: 3ft of Elfandsafety: Piss Poor eggs: and Foot loose.

A touch of warm-ish stuff at the Castle this morn, the kitchen is empty of all types of electronic machines, the garden is starting to blossom-the Forsythia is in flower, the Daffs are out, the Flowering Cherry is in bloom, the Roses are sprouting and the moss lawn is-mossy.
And I spend a while yestermorn filling out my census form (under threat of legal action if I don’t), there didn’t seem to be “mind your own fucking business” section so I added one to the end.

I see that far from “keeping Blighty’s sovereignty” Piss Poor Policies Dave C is over in Brussels plotting to reach a pact to co-ordinate economic policies.

In a message on Twitter, EU President Herman Van Rompuy had initially said: "We have an agreement on the Pact for Euro."
The message was later amended to: "Update from ongoing meeting: Agreement in principle on the Pact for the Euro, but still discussing the other elements of the package."
A pact would give members a say over each other's major economic policies - a move aimed at keeping countries under firm fiscal discipline.
The EU's Stability and Growth Pact also sets a debt limit of 60% of GDP.
The draft also includes proposals for lower labour taxes, a common corporate tax base and indexing retirement age to life expectancy.

Funny that: I don’t remember voting in Europe to run our country, then again no one voted in the bunch of twats we have now.

The Prime Pillock Minister has stated the obvious and deemed the Japanese earthquake a "terrible reminder of the destructive power of nature".

Speaking in Brussels (whilst plotting to hand over our treasury to the EU, under the excuse of “discussing the crisis in Libya), he added: "Everyone should be thinking of the country and its people and I have asked immediately that our Government look at what we can do to help." 

Going on recent form for PPP Dave’s “help” he will probably want to invade.
By cutting 450,000 disabled peoples’ income under one of the changes planned to housing benefit.
From April 2013, housing benefit for working age people in social rented homes will be linked to the size of property councils believe they need.
Ministers say they want housing benefit claimants to choose to rent properties they can afford when in work.
An assessment from the Department for Work and Pensions shows the change will leave 450,000 disabled people an average of £13 a week worse off.
Ministers want to “encourage” housing benefit claimants to move out of council and housing association properties that are too big for their needs, and to make savings in a housing benefit bill that has almost doubled to £21.5bn in a decade.

Ah…..the caring, sharing “we are all in this together” millionaires club produces yet another Piss Poor Policy.
A man is in custody after police say he broke into an Arizona town home and got stuck in a clothes hamper underneath the window he climbed through.
Mesa police say 20-year-old Michael Trias was arrested on suspicion of burglary and criminal damage.
The East Valley Tribune reports a resident inside the home heard the commotion of Trias becoming entangled in the hamper at about 9 a.m. Thursday.
The owner of the home restrained Trias and was able to take him outside and call police.
Authorities say no property was taken from the home, but there was some damage done to the window.
Bit of a “hampered” burglar then……

Back in Blighty


A Magistrate has narrowly avoided jail after being caught with a collection of extreme pornography — including images of women having sex with a gerbil and a Frog.
Michael Hall, 46 — who is also a school governor and worked on a council panel to protect children — downloaded the disgusting images on to his laptop computer.
When police raided his home they found 230 photos and 150 videos showing women engaging in sex acts with horses, a donkey, dogs, a gerbil, a frog and a live snake.
Police acted on a tip-off after learning the magistrate, from Rotherham, South York’s, had an account on a file-sharing website which was raising concerns.
They found the “Frog’s porn” stash when they raided his home in Swinton, Rotherham, last September.
Hall admitted 21 specimen charges of possessing hard-core pornography when he appeared before Leeds magistrates.
He was sentenced to a three-year community order which requires him to spend 144 days completing a programme for sex offenders.
He was also ordered to pay £85 towards court costs and he will be supervised by the probation service for three years.
Hall became a magistrate in 2007 and served until October last year when he fell foul of the law.

That reminds me, I must clear my search history on IE.
More than a dozen emergency workers refused to pull a man from a waist-deep boating lake because of ‘health and safety’ fears.
For half-an-hour charity shop worker Simon Burgess, 41, was left face down in the shallow water as they waited for a specialist rescue crew.
Mr Burgess, who had gone to the lake to feed the swans, was pronounced dead at the scene but friends claim that if rescuers had waded straight into the water he could have been saved.
The crews of two fire engines, two police cars, two ambulances and an air ambulance were told not to enter the lake, which is no more than three feet (one metre) at its deepest point, in case they ‘compromised their safety’.
The water rescue crew finally arrived – 26 minutes after Mr Burgess was seen falling in – and the ‘specialists’ removed him using nothing more technical than waterproof clothing and buoyant jackets.
Mr Burgess, who suffered blackouts following brain surgery, was a former sailing instructor and IT consultant.
Friends and family reacted with fury yesterday when they discovered that firemen, paramedics and police first on the scene did not wade in to help.
Mr Burgess’s body was about 25 yards from the water’s edge when emergency services arrived.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue decided there was ‘no obvious sign of life’ when they arrived at Walpole Park Lake, in Gosport, Hampshire, on Thursday lunchtime.

They must have bleedin good eyesight to see that at 75 feet, nice to know that the “emergency” services can’t cope with three feet of water…..
Traditional chefs in China are hoping their local speciality - spring eggs hardboiled in boys' urine - will catch on worldwide.
The dish has been a local delicacy in Dongyang, Zhejiang province, eastern China, for thousands of years.
Now culture officials want to spread the gospel about the recipe which they hope to export to other countries.
"The urine is gathered from local schools and the very best comes from boys under 10 years old. They pee in buckets and we collect it fresh every day," explained chef Lu Ming.
Then the eggs - which have official cultural significance status - are boiled in the urine, first with their shells on and then with them off for a day and a night before they're ready to be eaten.
"The eggs are delicious and healthy. They stop fevers and can help you concentrate if you're feeling sluggish or sleepy," said Ming.
"We are having a big export push because we want people outside China to fully appreciate the delicacy of our cuisine."

Yeah right……..

And finally:

Back across to the land of the body mass index challenged

 A former Florida paramedic who snatched a man's severed foot from the scene of a car crash is being sued by the victim.

Cynthia Economou -- a former St. Lucie County Fire District fire fighter and paramedic -- admitted that she took Karl Lambert's mangled foot in hopes of using the limb to help train her cadaver-sniffing dog after a wreck on I-95 on Sept. 19, 2008.

She pleaded no contest to petty theft charges and was sentenced to six months' probation. But now Lambert is taking her to court in a civil case, seeking unspecified damages, according to

In court documents filed last week, Lambert's attorney, Jack L. Platt, declared Economou's behaviour was "outrageous and went beyond the bounds of decency," as well as "odious and utterly intolerable in a civilized society."

During sentencing in 2009, Economou said she only took the mangled appendage for her dog because she didn't think it could be reattached to the victim.

"It was an unrecognisable mass of flesh," she said. "It wasn't a clean cut. You couldn't even recognize it as a foot. ... If I had thought it was somehow re-attachable and usable, I would have gone to my commander."

One way to lose weight…….

And today’s thought: Forbidden fruits create many jams.



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