Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Piss Poor Policies Dave C and the NHS: Warmonger: No fresh air in Nevada: Croc of an excuse: Fine old Jobsworths: Moon snake: and The biter bit.

Quite clement at the Castle this morn, bit on the dewy side so there will be no trains running, with a touch of misty stuff but overall a decent-ish day; and “they” are threatening that the Unexpected Flaming Object will make an appearance later, I live in hope.
Turning off the mobile and unplugging the landline yesterday did no good at all; the portcullis was besieged by stressed out broken computer owners demanding instant cures for their self made cock-ups, I should have raised the drawbridge.

I see that it was third time lucky in the land of the mushroom shaped Sun; they have finally managed to nuke themselves properly.
After a fresh explosion rocked Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant on Tuesday the operator said radiation levels around the site immediately after the blast, the third there, were rising fast but still far from levels that local authorities say would cause large-scale radiation sickness.
Authorities are trying to prevent meltdowns in all three of the plant's nuclear reactors by flooding the chambers with seawater to cool them down.

There may be trouble ahead in the Piss Poor Policies Coalition, Downing Street has ruled out "significant changes" to government NHS reforms following their rejection by Liberal Democrat members.

Delegates at the party's spring conference voted at the weekend not to support a "damaging and unjustified" shake-up of health services in England.
Plans include axing primary care trusts and strategic health authorities.
No 10 said it would not make large changes to the proposals, but added they could be amended by Parliament.
Lib Dem activists are angry about what they see as Conservative plans that were not included in the coalition agreement.
Yeah-like tuition fees and VAT; pot- kettle, kettle-pot.

PPP Dave C has warned that Time is running out for the international community to intervene in Libya, according to David Cameron, who warned that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was seeking new arms to crush the popular uprising against his regime.
The Prime Minister told MPs that while world leader’s debated options including a no-fly zone over Libya Col. Gaddafi was making gains against opposition forces.
Revealing Britain's growing frustration at international indecision, Mr Cameron signalled that he was prepared to consider a no-fly zone without a new United Nations Security Council resolution.

Britain's growing frustration”? I’m not frustrated at all, at least not about Libya, and if we hadn’t been selling Gaddafi arms for the last 41 years or so maybe “we” wouldn’t be in this position.

Critics say a Nevada bill banning air fresheners and candles in public places would lead to stinky rooms and prohibit priests from using candles in Mass.
Las Vegas Democratic Assemblyman Paul Aizley on Monday presented the proposed legislation, which would set restrictions on pesticides, fragrances and candles to accommodate people with chemical sensitivities.
Proponents said air fresheners give them migraines or asthma attacks and prevent them from going to the movies or to restaurants. A cocktail waitress at a casino said inhaling the fragrances piped through the ventilation system felt like a concrete slab on her chest.
Critics counter the bill would affect everything from candlelit restaurants and weddings - not to mention unmasked odours in public bathrooms that would drive away tourists.

Seems that legislating for the minority is catching on…..

A Sussex PE teacher phoned in sick to say he couldn't make it into school - because he'd been bitten by a crocodile.
Scott Brand, 21, phoned Cumnor House School in Haywards Heath to say he 'needed a few days off' after the croc sunk its teeth into his left arm while he was on holiday.
The reptile struck in his native Zimbabwe after he and his friends decided to go 'croc wrestling' in Lake Kariba, reports the Daily Mail.
He said: "Unfortunately I had also been sampling Africa's finest lager all afternoon, making our plans to wrestle with one of the water's most dangerous predators all the more tricky.
"I saw a four-foot long croc and just jumped in and grabbed it. It went nuts and was really going for me and it eventually got a hold of my left arm and bit down.

And this Numpty is in charge of children……

A pensioner was fined £50 while visiting her father’s grave because she brought her dog.
Val Brogan, 65, told two police community support officers she had not seen signs banning the animals from a ­cemetery in New Moston, Manchester. Police said they had been asked to deal with intimidation with dogs and fouling but Val said: “They didn’t care about my feelings.”

Ah, the joys of the dead end Jobsworths.

A Central Australian man says he got the fright of his life when he woke up in the dark with a metre-long snake lying on top of him.
Bryan Groacke says recent rains and abundant mice have attracted a large number of snakes to the community of Docker River, about 670 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs.
"We've got brown snakes here running around the place everywhere," he said.
"But all I know is I woke up and I felt this really cold snake on top of me.
"So I grabbed it and threw it at the wall and [I did] a bit of a Michael Jackson moon dance there.
"I put the light on and realised it was a big carpet snake, so it wasn't so bad, but I learnt a few new karate moves that day."
He says the snake must have found its way into his house through a crack in the floorboards.

I have problems with things crawling up my crack as well.

And finally:

Model Orit Fox - Israel's answer to Katie Price - was handling a “normally” tame snake on Spanish TV when she attempted to lick its face.

Evidently finding this rather provocative,the snake reacted badly, clamping down on Fox's ample chest.

 Fox was rushed to hospital where she received a tetanus jab, but she suffered no long-term damage.
Unfortunately the snake did not survive, and died of silicone poisoning.
Fox is a major star in Israel and has undergone several operations to enlarge her breasts.

No shit! I suppose there is a moral here, but I can’t think of one…..apart from snakes shouldn’t go into Silicon Valley……

That’s it: I’m orf to wait for the lunar perigee.

And today’s thought: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


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