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Clegg on Social Mobility: Piss Poor Policies Dave C on Starey eyes Ball: Harrow-Boys: A puff too far: Cheap clothes: and “aircraft skin fatigue”.

Almost sunny again at the Castle this morn, nice and calm with a bit of non-darkness and the threat of a bit of warm stuff later, the kitchen is overflowing with dismantled computers and only another few days on the antibiotics- life is fun………

A growing number of export orders for fish from Japan are being cancelled by overseas buyers because of fears it could contain potentially dangerous radioactive traces.
Japanese seafood has been dropped from the menu at a string of high- end international establishments, including Zuma and Roka restaurants in London as well as at Shangri-La, the luxury hotel group.
The Japanese government has assured food safety levels of fish exports but this is failing to prevent companies from cancelling, according to Hiromi Isa, a trade office director at Japan's Fisheries Agency.
He added "Our test results showed no fish were contaminated by higher-than- acceptable levels of radioactivity."

Acceptable to whom?

NATO warplanes killed around 14 rebels early on Saturday after a stream of anti-aircraft fire was shot in to the night sky.
The victims included medics and a patient in an ambulance, struck near the Libyan front line between rebel and pro-Gaddafi forces east of Brega.
The air strike was the first major friendly fire incident of the chaotic desert war since western aeroplanes joined the fight two weeks ago.

Does that mean that NATO planes have to shoot down other NATO planes for killing civilians?

Nick Clegg is ready to use shock and awe to force social change, as a curtain-raiser, it was disclosed last week that the Government is to publish an annual “report card” on seven key indicators, ranging from babies’ body weight and the skills learned by five-year-olds to GCSE results and adult earnings. These, Clegg insists, will not be targets but “a series of dials”, a dashboard used to check on the nation’s social well being and to “trigger a reaction” when things go wrong.

You can read the rest by clicking on the link above if you have several hours to waste, but I phased out after the first three paragraphs, and to be honest I don’t give a Kangaroo’s cock.

Has branded Starey eyes Ed Balls “the most annoying person in politics” in a spontaneous outburst of annoyance during prime minister's questions, Mr Cameron interrupted his response to an MP so he could chastise Mr Balls for talking over him.
"I wish the shadow chancellor would occasionally shut up and listen to the answer," he said.
The Tory backbenches hooted with laugher, while Mr Balls smiled and reached across the despatch box to offer Mr Cameron a glass of water.
"I may be alone in finding him the most annoying person in modern politics," Mr Cameron continued.
"I've got a feeling the leader of the opposition will one day agree with me."

Doubt it: the most annoying person in politics to me is any one of the 650 money grabbing, useless, gutless pillocks who get paid just for turning up at the Palace of Westminster.

Topless photographs of an art tutor at the £30,000-a-year private school have been circulating its classrooms, dorms and corridors.
Joanne Salley, 32, a former model and TV presenter, posed provocatively in just a tight pair of jeans.

The pictures were captured by a fellow teacher at the school, professional photographer Fiona Corthine, as first reported by the Daily Mail’s Richard Kay.
They are believed to have been taken on school grounds – in its art rooms.
The pictures were discovered by a pupil in the school’s photography laboratory – where they had been left on a memory stick.

They have been seen by the majority of the school’s 825 male pupils, its teachers and even its kitchen staff.

Pupils who forwarded these pictures to the Mail did so after censoring them with modesty boxes.
The images have even made it as far as Miss Salley’s former school – Merchant Taylors’.
Pupils first started to receive the pictures – on their IPhones and BlackBerries – last weekend.
Harrow staff, noticing a stir, were made aware of the scandal on Tuesday. 
They have since demanded that all pupils delete the pictures.
Any pupil caught circulating them has been threatened with immediate suspension.

The advantage of private education-our art teacher was a hairy arsed six foot four rugby player who looked as if he had been head butting a wall for ten years.

A Dallas physician is accused of trying to run over someone he allegedly saw smoking near his car.
Police say 54-year-old Dr. Jeffrey Reed Thompson faces a felony charge of aggravated assault with a vehicle.
Friday’s incident began in a medical office parking garage.
The 48-year-old smoker, Donald Zuelly of Rowlett, told police that Thompson told him he couldn’t smoke in the garage, yanked the cigarette from his mouth, threw it down and stepped on it. Police say Zuelly told the doctor not to touch him and threw down a soft drink can. Some liquid splashed onto the doctor’s pants.
Zuelly says Thompson then hopped into his car and drove at him. Zuelly scraped his arm trying to flee.

See. Smoking is bad for you, especially if there are morons with big metal motorised things around.

Allegedly one in four people has taken clothes back to the shop after wearing them on a night out, according to a new poll.
Research for shopping website found that more than a quarter (28%) of 3,000 people questioned admitted returning items of clothing for a refund after wearing them.
More than one in 20 (7%) confessed to doing it on a regular basis.

Glad I don’t buy clothes anymore……

And finally:

Southwest Airlines has grounded 79 of its Boeing 737 aircraft for precautionary checks after one made an emergency landing with a gaping hole in the fuselage.
The US carrier said engineers would be “looking for the same type of aircraft skin fatigue” in checks over the next few days.
About 300 flights have been cancelled as a result of the inspections.
Southwest Flight 812 from Phoenix to Sacramento, California, with 118 passengers on board, landed safely at a military base in Arizona on Friday.
There were no passenger injuries reported, despite the sudden drop in cabin pressure.
The airline said one flight attendant was slightly injured.
The Boeing 737 landed at 4:07pm local time after declaring an emergency, said Ian Gregor, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman. The plane touched down at Yuma Marine Corps Air Station with a hole in the top of the aircraft.
"We do not know the cause of the decompression," Mr Gregor said.
It may have something to do with then bleedin great hole in the roof mate.

And today’s thought: Given the capacity to be stupid . . . people will be.


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