Thursday, 26 May 2011

Flash dump choo choo: Glowing in the dark: Heads you win: Alice Springs scrapyard: M&S Tripoli: and a Pussy up a tree.

Coldish, cloudy and breezy at the Castle this morn, bit late today because for some strange reason after I gave my mac address to Orange my internet connection from Talk Talk has suddenly become unreliable and cuts orf when it wants to-odd that…. 

So a bit of a truncated post-just in case. 

Thousands of train tickets will go on sale today for 50p each way, in the latest and biggest "flash sale" in the travel industry. The operator of Brighton-to-London trains, Southern Railway, which links London with Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, is cutting all its advance fares by 90 per cent in a one-day online sale. 

Unless you use Talk Talk for your connection… 

Plans for low-level radioactive waste disposal to be allowed at a landfill site in Northamptonshire have been given the go-ahead by the government.
The decision for Kings Cliffe near Peterborough follows a two-year stand-off between the hazardous waste company Augean and campaigners.
Some 98% of people who voted in local referendums opposed the plans.

 So much for the Piss Poor Policies millionaires club “localism” thingy.

A severed head alleged to belong to the patron saint of genital diseases will hit the auction block on Sunday.
Saint Vitalis of Assisi died 640 years ago, but the Italian Benedictine monk's encased head can now be yours.
Auctioneer Damien Matthews of Matthews Auction Rooms estimates the ancient skull could fetch up to $1,650.
The 14th-century Saint reportedly performed miracles for sufferers of bladder and genital diseases.
As a youngster, Vitalis was sexually promiscuous and immoral, so to relinquish his sins he went on pilgrimages in Italy and Europe. He then became a Benedictine monk and chose to live as a poverty-stricken hermit. His only possession was an old container to get water.
Matthews couldn't confirm it's actually the head of Saint Vitalis.

No…really? Sounds like a poxy lot to me……

The world's second aircraft storage facility will be set up on a site adjacent to the terminal at Alice Springs Airport.
The only other such site for ageing aircraft is a 1,000 hectare facility in Tucson, Arizona, known as The Boneyard.
Airport general manager Katie Cooper says a key for the selection of Alice Springs was the capacity to expand on the 110 hectare site set aside for the development.
Ms Cooper says Alice Springs not only has the perfect climate for the storage and preservation of aircraft but also a runway capable of catering for planes as big as an A-380.
"We have the ability to take that aircraft here," she said.
"We can have the ability to service all sorts of fleets, be it the smaller aircraft that the recreational or general aviation people use, right up to the very large commercial aircraft that are operated to do the long-haul sectors.

"There is a lot of scope for us to provide some great service."

 And a lot of pollution as well….

The UK embassy is shut, the ambassador's residence has been destroyed, but the British stalwart of the high street is still open.
There is no logo in sight, just a white building with steps up.
A pair of chinos will set you back the equivalent of about £100 in Tripoli. They cost much less in the UK. 

No wonder their profits are so high….

And finally:

A cat has finally been rescued after surviving 12 days stuck up a 100-foot tree.
Bess, found herself out on a limb after being sent scrambling up the huge tree by a family of foxes.
Owner Gwen Russell-Jones began fearing the worst after she hadn't been seen for over a week.
But she refused to give up and continued her frantic hunt for the mischievous moggy.
Last Friday she spotted the hapless animal who she has looked after for two years since taking her in as a stray, perched dangerously high in the tree.
Without food and water for almost two weeks and having to battle strong winds and sweeping rain, Mrs Russell-Jones said she was relieved the horror ordeal would soon be over for Bess.
Tree surgeons Andrew Parrott and Craig Archer heard about Bess's dangerous plight and immediately raced to her rescue before she had to spend another night in the tree.
The pair, who work for Heart of England Tree Services, used their specialist equipment to scale the tree before abseiling to where Beth was perched.
A tin of cat food put her at ease then she was carefully put in a bag and lowered down.

 Bless Bess. Four lives left?

And today’s thought: "My friends, no matter how rough the road may be, we can and we will never, never surrender to what is right." - Dan Quayle



Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Always amazed at the things people will bid for - like that bloody hat. Love your dig at Talk Talk.

CherryPie said...

That is one lucky cat!

Angus said...

Now if it were U-Turn Cams head I would be willing to make an offer:)

They deserve it Welshcakes.

And one very hungry mog as well CherryPie:)