Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Up prince Charles: The Tax man cometh-again: Stork staring: Dogs’ dinner cancelled: Ruble rumble: DVLA takes the plate: and the Chihuahua Sheepdog.

Good old Brit weather has returned at the Castle this morn, sunny, calm, warmish and dry, the Spanish hot, wet, rumbling and flashing stuff has buggered orf and I may be able to do some fettling in the garden later.

The study is overflowing with broken HPs, Acers, Dells and the occasional Mac that need a good seeing to so I have the choice-do I spend the day up the spiral staircase battling with Microsoft or do I spend the day in the garden-decisions, decisions....

 There is a bit of a theme word in today’s post, see if you can guess what it is.

 I see that the cost of keeping the never to be king Charlie has gorn up from £1.66m to £1.96m over the last twelve months.
This included a 40 per cent rise in Government grants to run Charles and Camilla's London residence and to fund the couple's overseas travels.
As well as receiving increased state support, Charles also saw his private income from the 133,700-acre Duchy of Cornwall – given to him as heir to the throne and which also includes a lucrative investment portfolio – rise by 4 per cent to nearly £17.8m. 

Must be the price of hay for the horse faced old mare he keeps.

More than one million people will face demands to pay hundreds of pounds in unpaid tax.
Many of those affected have recently retired and started drawing a pension for the first time. They may have to repay more than £1,000.
Another 3.5million could get rebates from HM Revenue and Customs because of the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system.
The repayments are the result of an annual examination of PAYE records, which has disclosed that almost five million people paid the wrong amount of tax in 2010-11.  

Bet they don’t go on strike tomorrow...

Troops ordered to scare away storks from an airport have been banned from using their guns and told to stare at the birds instead.
Soldiers were brought in over fears the colony of 25 storks would disrupt the Airpower 2011 air show in Zeltweg, Austria, this weekend.
Organisers had tried to lure them away with bait, by creating better feeding grounds further away and even putting up plastic storks to make it seem more attractive elsewhere - but without success.
Experts, who fear a stork could bring down a plane if it was sucked into an engine, confirmed that soldiers had been told not to shoot the birds but to stare at them instead. 

Scary bollocks.

A South Korean dog meat festival has been cancelled following growls of protest from animal rights activists, one of the would-be organisers said Tuesday.
The Korea Dog Farmers' Association had scheduled for Friday a festival aimed at promoting traditional dog meat consumption, said Ann Yong-Geun, an adviser to the association.
"We couldn't possibly go on with the plan due to endless phone calls of complaint... now there are few willing to rent us a place for the event," Ann, a professor of nutrition at Chung Cheong University, told AFP.
The association had said the festival, to be held in a traditional open-air market in the city of Seongnam just south of Seoul, would showcase various canine delicacies including barbecued dog, sausages and steamed paws.
The event at the market, well known for selling dogs for meat, would also have featured products such as cosmetics and spirits with canine ingredients. 

Not the Dog’s bollocks then.....

A Russian civil servant was caught trying to eat a 35,000 Ruble bribe to stop it being seized as evidence.
Anton Gritsay, 38, head of the Emergencies Ministry in Zelenograd, was tipped off that he was about to be arrested and locked himself into a toilet.
Police burst in and arrested him, but not before he had swallowed the money, the equivalent of about £800.
But he failed to escape justice after determined anti-corruption officers took him to the local hospital.
Once there, surgeons recovered seven of the notes from his stomach that were enough to see him taken to court.
Gritsay has pleaded guilty to accepting a bribe and was released on bail, and has been fired from his job. 

He bollixed that up-should have flushed it.

A driver bought the car registration plate “BO11 LUX” from the DVLA – but they have now ordered him to remove it.
Alan Clarke, 49, paid £399 for the plate via the Government agency’s website and put it on his Range Rover. But six weeks later he got a letter from the DVLA demanding its removal – as it was “causing offence”.
The company director has been told he could face a fine of up to £1,000. But Alan, from Chesterfield, said: “I’m not backing down. It’s my plate and I’m not taking it off. They said it was causing offence and I had to remove it, and they are threatening to criminalise me.
The DVLA said: “We try to identify combinations that may cause offence. When potentially offensive plates slip through the net, steps are taken to withdraw the registration number.
“This plate has been withdrawn; therefore it is an offence for the driver to still display it. He would receive a refund.”

I hope they don’t see my plate.

 And finally:

Rescue dog Nancy's potential for herding flocks was discovered after she was adopted by a sheep dog trainer.
Ali Taylor, who trains rescued border collies, said the tiny dog picked up herding straight away.
"I started in a very controlled environment but it quickly became evident that Nancy has natural ability and loves herding sheep," she said.  

Load of old flocking bollocks...

 And today’s thought: Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.


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