Saturday, 2 July 2011

Effingham terrorists: Pound plummets: Snip of a motor: Orf to the Bush: Banana car: A football team I would watch: and some funny Pussy pics.

Cloudy, calm and a tad chilly at the Castle this morn, I spent the early bit of yesterday digging out the California Lilac stump, got frustrated and kicked it several times, done my right hip in, and spent the aftermorn laying on the sun lounger eating strawberries and watching that great Blighty spectacle of the last Brit to leave Womble land a loser. 

Residents have spoken of their shock after being told that their villages have been identified as potential “high-risk launch sites” for extremists wanting to fire rockets at planes taking off and landing at Heathrow.
Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s specialist aviation security team have been touring village halls with a surface-to-air rocket launcher and video footage of a missile hitting a plane in Iraq. Similar briefings have been held near other airports around the country.
James Nicholls, an Effingham resident who was invited to a briefing at Ockham village hall last month, said: “It was extraordinary, I couldn’t believe it.
“We were asked to look for people burying things in the ground; we were shown all the components of this heat-seeking shoulder-launched missile. They told us they had been as far as Windsor and Sunningdale surveying and looking at potential sites.” 

No wonder you can’t find an Effing copper when you need one....

Holiday makers heading to Europe face rocketing costs this summer after the value of the pound plummeted to a 20-month low yesterday.
Sterling hit its lowest point against the euro since October 2009 and is now worth around 10 per cent less than 12 months ago.
Families flying from UK airports are now getting less than one euro for their pound. Among the worst tourist rates yesterday were 96 cents to the pound at Birmingham Airport and 1.001 at Luton Airport.
Analysis of six popular items by the Post Office shows the average cost of holiday goods – including such things as a cup of coffee, a three-course evening meal and insect repellent – have all risen even in the cheapest resorts.
In Spain they cost 11 per cent more than a year ago.
In Cyprus they are 21 per cent up, and in Italy they have risen 18 per cent.

 I’m going to Ourgate again this year.....

Health officials in the Indian state of Rajasthan are launching a new campaign to try to reduce the high population growth in the area.
They are encouraging men and women to volunteer for sterilisation, and in return are offering a car and other prizes for those who come forward.
Among the rewards on offer is the Indian-made Tata Nano - the world's cheapest car.
Many in the government are worried about the size of India's population.
It is expected to overtake that of China by 2030.

A motor for a kid; sounds like a good deal to me....

Sydney residents have been offered money to leave the city and resettle in rural New South Wales.
It is hoped the plan will boost rural areas recovering from a decade-long drought, as well as easing crowding in Australia's most populous city.
The A$7,000 (£4,700; $7,500) grants are to help people buy homes in the country. 

I can see the attraction......

A Pennsylvania man cruised into Flint, Mich., this week in his giant, motorized banana and parked it on the bricks of Saginaw Street.

Some looked confused. Many snapped pictures.

Banana car owner Steve Braithwaite tells The Flint Journal he had no idea how much he was going to enjoy people laughing and smiling at him.

The Coopersburg, Pa., resident with Flint ties brought the former pickup truck back through the area, more than two years after buying the original vehicle from a junkyard in Genesee County's Argentine Township.

Braithwaite decided one day he wanted to turn a Ford F-150 into a banana and travel the world in it.

 Whatever butters your Parsnips.....

A cash-strapped woman's football team is hoping to draw the crowds - by playing their next game in bikinis.
Members of the FC Rossiyanka team, from Krasnoarmeysk near Moscow, have already done a pre-publicity shoot to promote the event.
Coach Tatyana Egorova said: "We are the best woman's team in Russia and have won many championships, even representing our country in the UEFA Champions League.
"But few people have ever heard of us and we don't get many people coming to games so we've decided to give our profile a boost by appearing in bikinis.
"We hope it will also improve the numbers of tickets we sell. We think it's a good idea - our players are beautiful, great athletes and determined to win." 

I would go and see them-but have you seen the exchange rate?

And finally:

As I lay here on the sofa unable to move.
Some Pussy pictures

And today’s thought: “My definition of an intellectual is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture without thinking of the Lone Ranger.”-William Connelly



CherryPie said...

Well driving round in a banana is certainly a way of drawing attention to yourself!

Angus said...

Hope the brakes are good CherryPie, it seems a bit slippery to me:)