Saturday, 9 July 2011

Ghost car: The Gorilla and the Banana: Aggressive Goats: Stripping the strippers: Red light nag: and Bad driver proves his worth.

‘Tis clement at the Castle this morn, sunny, warmish, calm and dry, after all the sky water the garden needs fettling again, his Maj is asleep, the study is clear of all broken things and I have picked the last of the strawberries.
My connection to the rest of the world keeps dropping out-hence the late post. I blame BT because they have buried all the phone lines underground and every time it rains my WWW goes doolally.

I see that what’s his name and U-Turn Cam are at odds over the Eurozone thingy. What’s his name wants to throw our money at failing Euro countries, whilst U-Turn Cam wants to wait and see. 

And then throw our money at failing Euro countries.......

And Ex president Bill Clinton is the latest politician to condemn the coalition's austerity drive.
His comments to a university conference reinforce shadow Chancellor Ed Balls' claim that rapid spending cuts risk harming the economy recovery.
"If you do things that dampen economic growth, and the UK is finding this out now, they adopted this big austerity budget, there's a good chance that economic activity will go down so much that tax revenues will be reduced even more than spending is cut, and their deficit will increase," he said.

Thanks for that Bill...have a cigar......

America's first transparent car – billed as a vision of the future more than 60 years ago – is expected to fetch up to £300,000 at auction.
The 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six was built using a special type of Perspex by General Motors and chemical company Rohm and Haas at a cost of £15,000.
Dubbed the ‘Ghost Car’ it has clocked up just 140km (86 miles) in its lifetime and is thought to be a visionary in design principles.
‘This motor still turns heads as much as it ever did,’ said a spokesman for RM Auctions which is selling the vehicle in Michigan on July 30.
'The car is in a remarkable state of preservation. It's a testament to the longevity of Plexiglas in an era when automotive plastics tended to self-destruct within a few years.
'Although it has acquired a few chips and cracks, it is structurally sound and cosmetically clear, showing off the Ghost Car's innards as it did in 1939.
'It is not, obviously, suited for touring but as a unique artefact from automotive and cultural history.'
 The car made its public debut at the New York World Fair in 1939-40 and is just one of two ever made. The model which comes with a three-speed manual gearbox is thought to be the last of its kind.

 Useful motor-that’ll stop all that Dogging thing.....

The manager of a cell phone store in Ohio called 911 to report a gorilla had been attacked by a banana.
The Wireless Center in Strongsville, near Cleveland, advertises at curbside with a man in a gorilla suit. Manager Brandon Parham says he was watching last week as a kid dressed as a banana emerged from some bushes and took a flying leap at the store mascot.
Parham says the attacker looked like a Spartan from the movie "300" except he was a banana.
The gorilla was knocked down but got back up, adjusted his head and went back to work.

A Spartan banana: must be the austerity drive.

Olympic National Park in Washington State is urging hikers not to urinate along backcountry trails to avoid attracting mountain goats who lick urine deposits for salt.
The advice is part of a plan to avoid aggressive goats like the one that gored a Port Angeles, Wash., man to death in October.
The Peninsula Daily News reports the popular park also may close trails where goats follow people or enter camp sites.
Backcountry campers are advised to urinate 200 feet away from trails to prevent the trails from turning into "long, linier salt licks." 

They should give the same advice to the London 2012 visitors.

The city of Daytona Beach Shores will pay a $195,000 settlement to four strippers who were illegally strip-searched.
The federal lawsuit arose from a September 2009 raid on Biggins Gentlemen's Club, the Florida bar where the women worked, reports the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.
Undercover cops who were investigating the club obtained an "all-persons search warrant" and used it to search everyone on the premises, including four dancers and two female bartenders. The lawyer representing the six employees, Brett Hartley, told the Sentinel the women were strip-searched in front of 20 male officers.
That violates state law that stipulates strip searches must be conducted (and observed) only by people of the same gender as the detained person, said Judge Mary E. Scriven.
The judge agreed such a warrant is illegal and called it "unconstitutionally overboard."
Lawyer Hartley said most of the settlement money will go to paying his fees, and the women will receive $5,000 each.

No surprise there then.

A runaway horse has been caught on film by a speed camera in Germany.
The nag had escaped from a paddock and dashed off down a busy main road and into the town of Meppen in Emsland in the province of Lower Saxony.
A police spokesman said: "The horse was galloping at full speed for several kilometres before it could be stopped and caught - and led back home.
"The picture was taken by a camera set to take pictures of speeding motorists and people going over the red light - and it was actually a car driver that triggered the picture and the horse ended up being snapped in the same picture.
"The driver has asked if he could avoid paying the fine - he claimed he was trying to get out of the way of a runaway horse.  

I do like an optimist.

 And finally:

A contestant on the Dutch TV show- Who Is The Worst Driver In The Netherlands? Has well and truly staked his claim after he ran down a TV presenter during filming for the final episode.
BNN reporter and television personality Ruben Nicolai was standing to the side of a 'braking from speed test' when the contestant known as 'Pim' swerved off the tarmac and ploughed straight into both a cameraman and Nicolai himself.
Luckily no-one was seriously injured in the smash which occurred when Pim took his eyes off the road and ran over traffic cones.
In a split-second the car left the road and headed toward the nearby crew as Pim closed his eyes and hoped for the best.
After spending a night in hospital, a shaken Nicolai reassured viewers that he would make a full recovery: 'I've just a little pain in my shoulder and my foot. We all had the fright of our lives.'

Pim has had his licence revoked.

 Too much whacky baccy?

 That’s it: I’m orf to the Solar Park (I really do like an optimist). 

And today’s thought: How many weeks are there in a light year?



Bernard said...

Dare I suggest that cLegover, a man who is more Dutch and Russian than English, with a Spanish wife, a Swiss domicile and is a paid-up pensioner of the EU, making a speech in Paris, is hardly in the best position to know what is, and what is not, in the best interests of Britain.

Angus said...

You may suggest whatever you like Bernard the right, this is a very liberal blog-but not in the political sense of course:)