Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It wasn’t George O: Swiss Virgin: Navel gazing: Air con clothes: Mooving go juice: and The wheels on the bus.

Still gloomy at the Castle this morn, no new entries for the most cocked up computer tournament, hits on the site have plummeted, the garden is almost fettled and the back is bloody agony.
Late again this early light thing, I blame the weather-or lack of it.

Apart from that life is grand....

I see that the “nearby” Hindhead tunnel under the Devils punchbowl is finally going to open.
After four and a half years and £371 million the 1.25 mile long twin bore white Elephant will be available to motorists on the A3 from today (well half of it will be).
The tunnel, which will be used by 30,000 vehicles a day, runs under the bowl, which is a large hollow of dry, sandy heath, to the east of Hindhead.
The existing A3, between the National Trust cafe and Boundless Road, will be closed to through-traffic after the tunnel is opened in both directions.
The opening ceremony will not be open to the public for "safety and operational reasons", the Highways Agency said.

 Ah the old Twin bore Elfandsafety defence.....

And apparently the Piss Poor economic balls up isn’t Son of a B.....aronet George (Reptilian alien in disguise) Osborne’s fault-according to the Office for National statistics.
It seems that the royal wedding, unseasonably warm weather and the impact of Japan's tsunami are to blame.
The Office for National Statistics said the figures had been hit by the extra bank holiday to mark the royal wedding, the unseasonably warm weather in April and the impact of Japan's tsunami and calculated that growth would have been 0.7 per cent without those one-off factors. 

Yeah right, and if we had some Ham we could have Ham and Eggs-if we had some Eggs....

Beardy Branson is is to move a key part of his Virgin empire to Switzerland, leading to renewed concerns over the business environment in Britain.
The company that owns the rights to the Virgin brand around the world is planning to relocate from London to Geneva in the coming weeks in a move that will reduce its tax bill.

What business environment?

The Belly Button Biodiversity study, by North Carolina State University, asked 95 volunteers to allow a team of microbiologists to take swabs from inside their navels.
And their results may just inspire you to spend a few more minutes scrubbing yours tomorrow morning.
Although researchers found some 1400 strains, 80 per cent were identified as from 40 fairly common species of bacteria, mainly harmless skin dwellers.
But the amount of belly button bacteria present on volunteers varied depending on how well they scrubbed their navels.
New Scientist journalist Peter Aldhous washes regularly and, as a result, no bacterial colonies were found in his belly button.
But fellow science writer Carl Zimmer was hosting at least 53 species, some of which had a surprising provenance, only having been found in soil in Japan.

Can’t see the bacteria for the fluff in mine.....

A small Japanese company may have the answer to help you keep cool: shirts equipped with their own air conditioning units.
With Japan facing power shortages and energy restrictions in the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami this past March, the demand for the air-conditioned jackets with built-in fans designed by Kuchofuku Co. Ltd. has soared.
The least expensive garment costs around 11,000 yen or $130 US dollars. But for the price, those wearing the lithium-ion battery-powered jacket can bask in cool air for up to 11 hours on a single charge, consuming far less power than that used by a normal air conditioner, 

Do they do one with a heater in?

Apparently a Cow’s stomach could hold the key to creating more environmentally friendly versions of petrol and diesel.
Scientists are investigating how enzymes found in the stomachs of cattle and other ruminants could be used on an industrial scale to break down the tough structures of plant and tree matter.
The discovery and application of the enzymes could help energy in waste plant and tree products in order to make renewable fuel.

The study is being carried out by life sciences company Ingenza with Professor John Wallace from the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen and ARK-Genomics at Edinburgh's Roslin Institute. 

And if they succeed the Gov will slap three hundred percent tax on it.

 And finally:

Chinese bus driver who was pushing his pink pride and joy to the limit during peak hour traffic didn't even realise the rear wheels had rolled away.
Thinking that it was just a pot hole that had damaged the buses suspension, 48-year-old driver Shi Shao continued puttering along until worried passengers rang the bell and notified him that the entire back end was scraping along the ground.
With sparks flying from the undercarriage Mr Shi immediately stopped in the middle of a busy road to wait for a tow truck. However, as a result the bus brought rush hour traffic in the city of Shaoyang to a standstill.

I had a motor like that once-think it was a Vauxhall.....

 And today’s thought: If the rich could hire other people to die for them, the poor could make a wonderful living.



James Higham said...

Air-conditioned shirts - not really the thing in Blighty.

Angus said...

Maybe next year James...