Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Switch orf: 1st class mail: Pippa’s back: Todger revenge: and squirrel in the dark.

Cold, clear and a touch more than a tad breezy at the Castle this morn, the study is still void of any broken one eyed monsters, and I was woken up at three of the am by terrible wind, and the weather wasn’t much better. 

I see that the Piss Poor Policies Millionaire Club Coalition failed to front up to the “energy” companies coming up with an expected Piss Poor “solution”-change your supplier.
Chris (no nuclear/yes nuclear) Huhne said "We should be switching if we're not on the cheapest tariff and taking the opportunity ahead of this winter to really make sure that we're insulating so that we can save money."

So why is it that with new loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and double glazing with “heat reflecting” glass, the castle’s fuel bill has gorn up from £48 per month to £87 per month when the cost of “fuel” has only supposedly gorn up by 25%?

Piss poor liars.... 


Royal Mail could be allowed to set the price of first class stamps for the first time, prompting fears that the cost of sending a letter will rise sharply.
Ofcom, the new postal regulator, is proposing to let Royal Mail set its own prices for first-class post. The price of second-class stamps will still be regulated, to ensure that those on low incomes can afford to use the post, but there are fears that the changes will create an exaggerated two-tier service.

 R.I.P snail mail.....


Pippa Middleton  has been snapped getting close with a mystery man at a boxing match as her boyfriend Alex Loudon looked on.
The 28-year-old - famed for her pert behind - was dressed in a plunging silk Alice Temperley number as she was lifted up on the dance floor Dirty Dancing style by the unknown man after the final round of the charity boxing event.
Nevertheless, Miss Middleton's 31-year-old long-term partner did not seem perturbed by her daring performance.
Although the couple attended the annual Boodles Boxing Ball two weeks ago, these photos have just been posted on the event's Facebook page.

Bit of a paunch there Pippa, not up the duff are we?

A Vietnamese woman said she snipped off her husband's penis with scissors and threw it into a river after he allegedly had an affair and beat her, Taiwan police told AFP.
Police said the 30-year-old woman, identified only by her last name, Pan, cut off about half of her sleeping partner's penis at their home in Tainan.
Pan turned herself into police and faces assault charges, investigators said Sunday.
The woman claimed she threw the severed appendage into a river for revenge.
Her Taiwanese husband is 29, jobless and known to use drugs, police said.
His condition was not released.

Probably feeling a bit inadequate.....

 And finally:

A squirrel cut off half of Greenwich's power leaving 15,000 people in the dark for hours as they woke up.
Connecticut Light & Power spokesman Mitch Gross said the squirrel, which was zapped by tens of thousands of volts of electricity and died instantly, caused a piece of equipment in the company's Cos Cob substation to malfunction.
'The squirrel is history now,' Gross added.
The incident happened just after 8am and before Gross said at 10am that the outages would last for several more hours.
All power has since been restored to those affected.

I prefer my Squirrel baked rather than zapped...

And today’s thought: Experience is what you get whenever . . . you don't get what you want.



James Higham said...

Any poor sod thinking he'll get an easy life with the wayward eyes of Pippa is a ... er ... poor sod.

CherryPie said...

That will be the end of first class post then...

Angus said...

Pippa strikes again:)

I am thinking of starting up "Angus mail" CherryPie:)