Sunday, 20 November 2011

Excessive wind: Who owes what: Nippy nutter: Hairy wear: Stiff pants: and Compo Copper.

Cold, wet, dark, foggy and dismal at the Castle this morn, no post yesterday the elbow had escalated from extremely painful to excruciating so I spent the day curled up in a ball whimpering while stoned out on industrial strength painkillers.
But the swelling has reduced to the size of a tennis ball and the pain has subsided to merely agonising.

Following complaints about the noise of rotating blades from nearby residents, operators have agreed to switch off the machines or reduce their speed when the wind is blowing too strongly.
The agreements, which mean the turbines generate less electricity, have been revealed in dossiers from local authorities about their investigations into noise pollution complaints.
They show that at Askam wind farm, near Barrow-in Furness, in Cumbria, which comprises seven turbines, a control system was installed to turn off the machines when wind speeds get too high.
After complaints about noise from a 12-turbine wind farm on a former RAF base at Lissett, near Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, environmental health officers found that high winds caused the machines to exceed the noise limits laid down in the scheme's planning conditions.
So an arrangement was reached whereby some of the turbines were slowed down when the wind was blowing at certain speeds and from certain directions.

I posted the answer to energy problems over on Nourishing Obscurity a while a go-water wheels...

But now Auntie has come up with a spiffing foreign debt “interactive pie chart” to help out dim gits such as myself. 

It seems that:

Dear old Blighty is in debt to the tune of about 7.3 Trillion Euros.

Germany owes 4.2 Trillion Euros

Le France doesn’t have 4.2 Trillion Euros.

Espana lacks 1.9 Trillion Euros.

Italia needs 2 trillion Euros.

The heart of democracy wants 0.4 Trillion Euros.

Portugal is devoid of 0.4 trillion Euros.

And Ireland lacks 1.7 trillion Euros.

Not as bad as I thought-7,300,000,000 Euros; that works out at about £500 at today’s exchange rate, anyway click on either of the links above and spend a while getting even more confused...

Provincial police are looking for a naked jogger with a beer belly after he was spotted by a female runner Tuesday at about 5 a.m. in Innerkip.
The runner is described as a balding white man in his fifties, six-feet tall, with a moustache.
This isn't the first time the nude jogger has been seen in the area, said police.
Innerkip is about 130 km southwest of Toronto.

No fool like a wrinkled old fool.

A Liverpool dressmaker who shot to fame through TV's My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has created a gown made entirely from human hair.
Thelma Madine's bizarre creation was made from 250 metres of hair extensions and now has a price tag of more than £50,000.
She worked with Voodou hair salon in Liverpool to create the dress, which took eight dress designers more than 300 hours to complete.
The brain child behind the hairy dress was Voodou stylist Ryan Edwards.
Mr Edwards said: "It's something that we've been thinking about designing for a while as it's just so different.
"I approached Thelma and her team to see if they would be up for doing it and they loved the idea. It took a team of about eight people just over 12 days to make and as you can see, we used a lot of hair!"
Not only does the dress contain 250 metres of hair but tens of thousands of individual hair wefts and different pieces of hair, as well as 1500 crystals and 12 underskirts. It weighs approximately 15 stone.

Hairy couture.

Enter the MXP Calorie Shaper Pants.
For a whopping $32, these shiny boxer briefs purport to aid in the burning of additional calories.
The secret (apparently) lies in their resin coating, which makes them stiff. This added stiffness provides resistance, leading to an increased number of calories burned.
For example, a 140-pound man walking 90 minutes per day can burn upwards of the equivalent of a half litre of beer a week.

My underpants are stiff-nothing to do with losing weight though....

And finally:

A former police officer is suing the Lothian and Borders force, claiming a training exercise left her scared of sirens.
Louise McGarva is seeking £500,000, alleging she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after taking part in a simulated riot that spiralled out of control. She said she had been left with a fear of police cars and sirens after being crushed during the riot training in a former hospital building in West Lothian.
Lawyers for the 35-year-old allege that eight officers were left injured during the exercise after their instructors attacked them with “baseball bats, long batons and martial arts”, using “excessive” force.
Ms McGarva said she repeatedly passed out after being crushed in the melee while an officer giving her medical assistance allegedly told her she had “had it” and was going to die.
The former officer, who retired on grounds of ill-health, said the incident left her suffering from nightmares and flashbacks, as well as depression and panic attacks, and she needed psychological treatment at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

She should be cured then......

And today’s thought on this Sunday: Lord save me from your followers.  



James Higham said...

The runner is described as a balding white man in his fifties, six-feet tall, with a moustache.
This isn't the first time the nude jogger has been seen in the area, said police.

Did the offended one report on whether he was well-endowed or not?

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Angus said...

Looking for a compliment James:)