Friday, 11 November 2011

Pippa on the pull: Ripped orf-again: Fine for EDF customers: Talking pets: False airbags: Smashing learner: and iPhone the cops.

Damp, dingy, dismal and dodgy at the Castle this morn, didn’t get to the smoke yesterday, I managed to break my only pair of glasses so I had to go to “Specsavers”, had an eye test while I was there and discovered that the old peepers are healthy but in need of a bit more help to function.

So I look forward to getting my “new” driving glasses next Saturday at the knock down cost of £143. But they did repair my old specs for free.

And today’s worm pic.

Pippa Middleton is single again after ditching her doting boyfriend Alex Loudon.
Apparently Britain's most sought-after date has not been seen with the professional cricketer turned City broker for weeks.
One source close to Old Etonian Alex said: "Pippa has become very high profile and it's put a strain on things. They're moving in different circles."
Pippa shared a three-hour romantic meal with George — son of the fabulously wealthy Duke of Northumberland — at Le Cercle restaurant near London's Sloane Square last week.
They sneaked back to his posh pad and did not emerge until 2am when George, 26, walked Pippa to the lobby and gave her a goodnight hug.

Hope he’s wearing body armour.....

A whopping £31.5 billion is raised by the Government each year through fuel and vehicle excise duty.
But just £13.4billion is spent on roads and repairing environmental damage caused by traffic. That means the Treasury's coffers are swollen by an extra £18.1billion — or £293 per person.
Taxpayers' Alliance director Matthew Sinclair said: "British motorists are hit unfairly hard by motoring taxes that are far too high.
"The Chancellor should freeze duty for the rest of this Parliament. And politicians should stop ripping off British motorists with the highest taxes on petrol in the EU."
A YouGov poll for The Sun yesterday revealed 85 per cent of Brits want fuel duty frozen.

Make that 85 per cent plus one.


EDF was found guilty of espionage aimed at Greenpeace.

Two of the company’s security executives were jailed, along with three others recruited to carry out the spying.

Campaigners hailed the verdict as ‘a strong message to the nuclear industry that no one is above the law’.

The verdict was reached on the day that EDF, one of seven top-tier 2012 Games sponsors, brought in price rises for its 5.7million British customers.

So that the customers can pay the fine for them...

80pc of Australians think they can understand pets and believe they know their pets well - and can communicate"

The survey of 800 Australian pet owners found more than 95 per cent of dog owners talked to their pets, while just over 89 per cent spoke to their cats.

And 87 per cent said they understood what their pets were trying to say, according to the survey commissioned by an animal healthcare company.

I aked his Maj about this-no comment.

Lisa Somerville, 28, was driving home in a rainstorm when she lost control and careered head-on into another car.
She was cut free by fire fighters and rushed to hospital with a punctured lung, four cracked ribs and a broken nose.
Doctors later told her the silicone pads she used to boost her then AAA bust had saved her life by acting like airbags.
Ms Somerville said: ‘I suffered a punctured lung and cracked ribs but thanks to my chicken fillets, I was still alive.
‘I was told otherwise my ribs would have pierced my heart.’
After the crash near her home in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow, she came round moments later with shooting pains in her body.
But luckily she was ‘doubling up’ – wearing two silicone implants on both sides.
She said: ‘I was in a bad way but I was still breathing. As doctors peeled back my clothes to get a better look at the damage, they noticed the skewered chicken fillets inside my bra.’

After recovering, Ms Somerville paid £4,000 to upgrade her breasts from a triple A to a 30E.
She said: ‘I’m ten times more confident and happier than ever. I’m giving my new boobs a birthday celebration.’

Wonder if my Moobs will work as well?

Learner driver Wen Le had one 'L' of a time learning how to park during her lesson in Xiaolan, Guangdong province, southern China.
After hitting the accelerator instead of the brake she shot through a wall leaving the car stuck half in and half out of an alley.
"She was slightly hurt but luckily no-one was standing on the other side of the wall when she came through," said a police spokesman.
Wen added: "I don't know what happened. I was parking very carefully and the car just took off."

That’s a fail then....

 And finally:

Michael Alan Skopec phoned the police five times because his iPhone wasn’t working. The 48-year-old man from Bristol, Illinois, allegedly made the calls to complain, according to a Kendall County Sheriff's Office report shared by The Smoking Gun.

Officers went out to Skopec's home around 1 a.m. Wednesday to investigate and said Skopec "refused to comply with orders from deputies," according to a sheriff's spokesperson, and he was arrested for obstructing or resisting a peace officer.

Should have bought a Blackberry, or a Samsung or an HTC....

And today’s thought: “If we go into the red next year... I shall have to give up polo.” 1969.-Prince Philip.

 Lest we forget-11-11-11.


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