Thursday, 17 November 2011

Yeah right Prime Monster: Astute finances: Pizza veg: Pussy prison: Ryanair 2012: and EU cancer.

Coldish, dampish, calmish and misty at the Castle this morn, the study is empty of all things broke and beautiful, just got back from Tesco on the stale bread, gruel and pussy food run-still can’t find anything and I am orf to my General Medico to get the right elbow injected with stuff, hope I don’t end up like Popeye. 

Before the last non-election the PM visited Liverpool and pledged his support for job creation schemes which help those who have "slipped through the cracks" to get back to work.
At the time of his visit, Cameron said: "Any good scheme we will keep, and obviously when it comes to the whole area of getting people back to work, our work programme, which includes mentoring and work training for young people, it will have all those elements."
Among those he praised was MerseySTRIDE, which employs the long-term unemployed to recycle and refurbish furniture and sell it on at competitive prices. MerseySTRIDE's future is now threatened because of lack of funding.

Nice one Dave

Allegedly the Royal Navy will not have enough hunter-killer submarines to protect Britain after the defence review forced delays to replacements, a report has shown.
The report said decisions by the Strategic Defence and Security Review had led to further cost overruns of £500 million in the defence budget. The decision to delay the batch of seven Astute boats will cost millions extra and leave the Navy without enough boats to defend Britain, maintain the security of the Falkland Islands or protect the Vanguard class submarines which carry the Trident nuclear deterrent as well as carrying out other secret tasks, the report said.
Astute is replacing the ageing Trafalgar hunter killers, the last of which will go out of service in 2022. But the seventh Astute will not enter operational service until two years later, leaving a shortfall of at least one boat. The Navy needs a minimum of seven hunter killer submarines.

I’ve got an old rowboat on the moat if they want to borrow it.....

US lawmakers prodded by the frozen food industry have moved to protect schools' ability to count pizza sauce as a vegetable in lunches for students.
In an annual spending bill covering the US Department of Agriculture, which has oversight over subsidized school meals, a joint House-Senate panel voted to prevent the agency from restricting pizza, fries, and starchy vegetables.
A Republican summary of the legislation, which was unveiled Monday and may be approved this week, cheered the defeat of "overly burdensome and costly regulations" and hailed "greater flexibility for local school districts." 

Fat American teenagers for the furnace....

Palm Beach County animal control officers are racing to remove as many as 80 cats from the state-run prison in Belle Glade, fearing they will be left without access to food and water when the facility closes its doors on Dec. 1.
The cats have taken up residence on the prison's grounds, burrowing under fences and living around buildings. They have been fed by prisoners, despite rules that prohibit the practice, officials say.
"They are not supposed to feed them, but they do," said Paula Bryant, a spokeswoman with the state's Department of Correction.
The state announced it was planning to close the 1,000-inmate prison this year, and the Department of Corrections has slowly been moving prisoners to other facilities across the state. As of Monday, there were more cats than prisoners. Officials said there were just 69 inmates left.

Cattus cellus...

Ryanair’s cabin crew have stripped off for the airline’s fifth annual charity calendar.
Proceeds from “The Girls of Ryanair” calendar, which features scantily-clad female flight attendants, will go to DEBRA, which provides support for patients suffering from epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a genetic skin condition.

The charity was chosen from nearly 400 applicants, and Ryanair said it hopes to raise around £85,000.

The calendar costs £8.50 and can be purchased on board Ryanair flights, from DEBRA’s charity shops in Spain and Ireland, or on the airline’s website (

Good cause, snag is you won’t be able to have a look at it in the toilets.

 And finally: 

X-ray body scanners at airports have been banned by Brussels amid fears they could cause cancer.

The devices, widely criticised because they make passengers who go through them appear naked, emit low doses of radiation.
The EU has now told member states not to install them until a scientific assessment of the risks has been carried out.
Manchester airport, which has 16 of the £80,000 machines and bars anyone refusing a scan from boarding a flight, has been told it can continue using them for another year.

So they haven’t been banned then....

And today’s thought: There is an art to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.



James Higham said...

fearing they will be left without access to food and water when the facility closes its doors on Dec. 1

Oh well, that doesn't sound unreasonable, to rescue them.

Angus Dei said...

Snag is thay are being euthanised after "rescue" James...