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Mental MPs: M25 meander: Yoof of today?: Plastic sheep pens: Mental EU: and some more street art.

‘Tis hurling it down at the Castle this morn, the air is moving faster than the fastest thing you could think of and the liquid metal gauge is whimpering in the corner.
The trip to the dentist yestermorn took a bit longer than expected, but after some jabs, a lot of drilling and a second shower I now have a shiny new front “toof”, which was produced on the magic laser guided printer thingy while I waited.

I think I am going mental myself, I sorted this out at six of the am and then forget to publish it....

According to Dr Ashley Weinberg heavy workloads and absence from their families may affect politicians' abilities to do their jobs.
He suggests the tests should involve whether MPs have confidence in themselves, their ability to make decisions, their emotional state and whether stress levels are affecting their sleep.
"We need to discover whether MPs are suffering from extreme stress, depression or anxiety. In any working population twenty per cent may well be."

He also says David Cameron should have a regular "behind the scenes" test of his mental well-being.

I’ll second that, but how about testing them BEFORE they become MPS...

It was a car trip around the M25 to see his baby grandson which should have taken him just 60 minutes.
But Dennis Leighton, 82, got lost along the way – and was eventually found by police 30 HOURS after setting off.
The shattered grandfather had spent two freezing nights in his vehicle and neighbours said yesterday he was being treated in hospital for hypothermia.
Widower Dennis was believed to be “confused” and was “very grateful” when he was found by officers yesterday.
A source said: “He had been driving around the south of the country, predominantly on the M25 motorway, but had also gone on to some A-roads in the area.
“We think he stopped to catch up on some much-needed sleep, in a motorway service area, before setting off again.”
He set off at 7.30pm on Monday from his home in Windsor, Berks. Ahead of him was a 53-mile journey to his daughter Hazel King’s family home in Swanley, Kent.
It was an anti-clockwise trip round the M25 – turning off at junction three – which he had done many times.
But when he failed to arrive, 40-year-old Hazel, who married husband Peter on her dad’s 70th birthday, became worried and called the police.
Dennis’s car was spotted the next day at 11.20am by a number-plate recognition camera on the M25 at Dartford, Kent.
He was only six miles away from Hazel – but he had driven too far along the M25. His silver Vauxhall Astra Estate was then not seen again for another 13 hours. Dennis was finally found at the wheel by police officers in South London at around 12.45am yesterday morning

And I thought I was a daft old fart-should have bought a satnav....

A British teenager has threatened to kill Santa Claus if she doesn't get what she wants.
"This Christmas, I don't ask for much, so if I don't get at least two of the things I want, I will literally kill you! Do you understand?! Oh, also, I'll hunt down your reindeers, cook them and serve their meat to homeless people on Christmas Day," Mekeeda Austin, 13, wrote in her letter, the Daily Mail reported. "No one wants that, so here's what I want."
The girl lists a BlackBerry, money, a dress, high-top Converse shoes and the real Justin Bieber.
"Remember, two of these or you die," she wrote, signing it, "Love from Keedy."
Her mother found the letter and said she thought the letter was humorous, and she'll try to get her daughter everything she wants.
"I know it sounds like she is spoiled but I like to get my daughter what she wants, also you don't want to get on the wrong side of her," Tracey Soares told the newspaper, although she admitted getting the Canadian pop singer might be difficult because Bieber "will be busy with (his) own (family) on Christmas Day

Austin told the reporter she didn't see any problem with the letter.

"I want all of these things and I don't see why I shouldn't get them," she said.

I know what I would give her....

Six green plastic sheep on a West Sussex roundabout have been put behind bright yellow safety barriers to stop drivers thinking they are real.
The fake flock was installed at the junction on the A283 in Shoreham to promote the South Downs National Park, reports the BBC.
A West Sussex County Council spokeswoman said: "The sheep are bright green so they are not mistaken for the real thing.
"However, because some motorists have expressed concerns that the sheep are real, temporary roadwork barriers were placed around them two weeks ago."
The promotion was part of a scheme in which companies and organisations could sponsor a roundabout by paying for maintenance and improvements.
"For larger roundabouts, such as A283 Shoreham, we expect a feature such as a sculpture or enhanced planting to be provided," added the spokeswoman.

"We are discussing a long-term solution with the sponsor."

Bloody baa-rmy Elfandsafety  Jobsworths...

According to the EU prunes do not have a laxative effect and producers cannot say that they do.
It comes after the organisation was mocked last month a ruling that led to a ban on claims that drinking water can prevent dehydration.
Despite a long held belief that prunes, traditionally served with custard, are good for improving bowel function, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has ruled this is not the case.
Its experts said there was "insufficient" evidence of a link between the dried plums and normal bowel function after looking at three studies of prune consumption.
Last February, an EFSA paper reported: "The Panel concludes that the evidence provided is insufficient to establish a cause and effect relationship between the consumption of dried plums of 'prune' cultivars (Prunus domestica L.) And maintenance of normal bowel function.
The authority had been asked to investigate claims that prunes ensure healthy digestion and bowel function.
In two studies, it was claimed there was no significant difference to participants after eating prunes.

Feed the Pratts on prunes for a week or so and then wait for the conclusion....

And finally:

Some nice art to cheer up your day.

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