Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hip-hop balls up: Hanging out in Davos: Bridge over troubled captain: The electric 99mpg tree part: and the museum of broken relationships.

Coldish, dryish, cloudyish and crummyish at the Castle this morn, just got back from inserting some go juice into the Honda at Tesco, there will be no post tomorrow because I have to be somewhere far, far away before Dawn shows her crack. 

Yester aftermorn I was “watching” the box and was in that nice state between alert and asleep when his Maj came in and deposited a still twitching Blue Tit in my lap-I freaked, he freaked, the bird landed on the floor and his Maj grabbed the feathered prey and disappeared up the stairs to finish it orf under the four poster. Which is where I found it an hour later; I didn’t mind but would have preferred a chicken because I could do with a decent Sunday dinner.

Allegedly Tens of thousands of British patients with metal hip replacements could be at risk of being poisoned by them.
According to the Sunday Telegraph more than 30,000 British patients have had the 'metal-on-metal' hip replacements - a metal ball that fits into a metal cup implanted into the pelvis.
Problems reportedly occur when friction between the ball and cup causes tiny metal filings to break off.
These filings can seep into the bloodstream and cause inflammation, which can destroy muscle and bone.
And advisers to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) say the devices could be causing "systemic toxicity" - effectively poisoning the body.
Medical regulators are drawing up new advice after taking "prompt action" to investigate safety concerns.
A spokesperson for the MHRA said: "On the evidence currently available, the majority of patients implanted with metal-on-metal hip replacements are at low risk of developing any serious problems.

Depends what you call “serious problems”.

A few ladies decided to protest against poverty by getting their norks out, three topless Ukrainian protesters were detained Saturday while trying to break into an invitation-only gathering of international CEOs and political leaders to call attention to the needs of the World's poor. Separately, demonstrators from the Occupy movement marched to the edge of the gathering.
With temperatures around freezing in the snow-filled town, they took off their tops and tried to climb a fence before being detained. "Crisis! Made in Davos," read one message painted across a protester's torso, while others held banners that said "Poor, because of you" and "Gangsters party in Davos."

Bet that made a point....or six....

A cargo ship has smashed through a US bridge after being too tall to go under it, leaving a 300ft gap in the structure.
The vessel took a large amount of asphalt and metal with it which was left on the ship's bow as it destroyed two sections of the bridge.
At the time, four cars were on the structure that normally carries about 2,800 vehicles a day.
There were also 20 workers on the 300ft-long Delta Mariner that was transporting rocket equipment.
Emergency services and officials rushed to the scene to assess the damage on the Eggner Ferry Bridge.

Sail on silver girl, sail on by....

Here is the proper pic-it was just an excuse to listen to a couple of "old friends".

The Nissan Leaf electric car will get the equivalent of 99 miles per gallon according to its official EPA fuel economy label rating.
Since the Leaf uses electricity and not gasoline for fuel, the EPA had to create a "mpg-equivalent" rating.
The EPA estimates the Leaf's driving range on a full charge to be about 73 miles, according to the label provided by Nissan, a figure that is considerably lower than the 100 miles Nissan has regularly touted for the car.
The annual electricity cost for the Leaf is estimated to be $561. By comparison, the annual fuel cost of a Toyota Prius, which the EPA estimates gets 50 miles a gallon, is $867.

Does that mean that my laptop does 265 mpg then?

And finally:

An international touring exhibition which features keepsakes from failed love affairs has come to Lincolnshire.
The Museum of Broken Relationships has opened at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford.
Among the exhibits, which were donated anonymously, were a Taser stun gun, teapots and a toy caterpillar.
Artists Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic from Croatia came up with the idea after their own relationship ended, as a way of expressing the pain.
Laura Mabbutt, exhibitions officer at the centre, said one of the most unusual items on show was a small bottle containing the tears someone cried after their relationship broke up.
"It's not just teddy bears, pieces of jewellery and love letters, we've got some really exciting pieces and unusual objects here and that's one of them."
Many of the items on display have come from a permanent exhibition in Zagreb, which was awarded the Kenneth Hudson Award for Innovation earlier this year.
It houses more than 700 objects donated by people from all over the world whose relationships have come to an end.
One item on show at the permanent exhibition is a teddy bear with a note from one broken-hearted owner.
It reads: "I got this teddy bear on Valentine's Day. He survived because it wasn't him who hurt me, but the idiot who left him behind."

Someone get me a bucket....

And today’s thought:



Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I think I'll postpone going to the doc about my hip!

CherryPie said...

I think I need to give his Maj a good talking too...

Blue Tits and all other sweet garden birds are out of bounds, unless he is starving!!!

James Higham said...

l hip replacements - you'd be pretty miffed to read that if you had one [or two].

Angus said...

Sounds like a plan to me welshcakes:)

I have a word with his Maj CherryPie and we have come to an agreement that if he ever manages to catch anything else it must be the size of a Pheasant or bigger:)

Lot of people hopping it Janes....