Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Silly Billy does a U-Turn: Piss Poor lies: No long-er a Ferrari: Sex meters: and Rubbish flats.

Moist, muggy and mild at the Castle this morn, there is more than a smidge of fast moving atmosphere and the coronal mass ejection is affecting my communication devices.

Silly (but not gay) Billy Hague was forced to play down the prospect of war with Iran today, after an urgent question in the Commons raised concerns about military action.
The alien secretary said: "This is not a set of actions designed to lead to any conflict but to lead us away from conflict.”
"There are many grounds for quarrel with Iran but we're not planning military action."
Silly (but not gay) Billy added: "Any attempt by Iran to block the strait would be both illegal and unsuccessful."

Right up his own rear exit....but not gay...

Has been telling us non truths about WBankers bonuses, claims by U-Turn Cam and what’s his name that they are unable to influence the level of bonuses paid out by the Royal Bank of Scotland to its chief executive are misleading, documents provided to The Independent reveal.
RBS's board is due to meet today to discuss bonus payments for Stephen Hester and other senior employees. The meeting comes after the Eton shirt lifters suggested that the Government's ability to limit the payments at RBS – which is 83 per cent, owned by the taxpayer – was "constrained" as a result of "contractual arrangements" with Mr Hester by the last Labour government.
But it turns out that a copy of Mr Hester's personal contract with RBS, updated in 2009 and seen by The Independent, reveals he has no contractual right to a bonus – and the Government could use its position as the bank's largest shareholder to veto any remuneration it thought was excessive.

The Prime Monster and his fag lying to us...well, would you believe it...

The world's fastest limousine – a modified Ferrari that can go up to 170 mph – may no longer be able to use the famous Italian name after the supercar manufacturer threatened legal action.
The owner of the vehicle Dan Cawley has been ordered to remove everything from the car that associates it with Ferrari as company lawyers claim he has infringed their trademark.
They argue that because he modified the 360 Modena when he cut it in half and stretched it with a 9.5ft section of hand-built carbon fibre, it is technically no longer a Ferrari.
But Mr Cawley said before he converted the 400bhp beast he specifically asked the car manufacturer whether he could go ahead and they agreed he could.
The new car is now 20ft long and seats eight people. It maintains a fast speed because it weighs just 160kg more than the original 1,390kg vehicle.
When it was built the modified 360 set the record for fastest limousine and longest Ferrari.
Mr Cawley built the car along with former McLaren carbon fibre expert Chris Wright for a total cost of around £200,000.

Stretching the truth?

A German city that introduced a surcharge on street prostitutes via kerb-side meters said Monday the programme had been a success and would continue.
The Bonn government said a "sex tax" covering levies on sauna clubs, "erotic centres" and automated pay stations similar to parking meters that were rolled out in August had brought in around 250,000 Euros ($326,000) last year.
"We are satisfied with that and plan to continue levying the tax," a city spokeswoman told AFP.
Bonn authorities said in a statement they had hoped to bring in 300,000 Euros in 2011 from the "sex tax" but had later lowered its projected revenue to 200,000 Euros based on the amount taken in early in the year.
About 14,000 Euros came from the sex meters, it added.
The former West German capital became the first city in Germany to introduce the meters for sex workers as a means of extending a general tax on prostitution beyond brothels to the streets of Bonn.
The meters were installed in an industrial area near the centre of town used by prostitutes to solicit clients, with each sex worker paying six Euros per night worked, regardless of how many customers they have.

Bonn voyage on the cards.

And finally:

The view from these homes in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, really is rubbish -- because a refuse dump has been allowed to accumulate so much it is now piled higher than the flats around it.

The tip, has now reached a point that it towers over neighbouring four-storey buildings and can be seen from a mile away.

Standing at more than 30ft tall the rubbish heap is made up of household rubbish, rubble and industrial refuse and residents claim it's a health hazard.

They also say rats have been spotted running around the rubbish and that clouds of black dust coat their windows.

The company responsible for the dump, Refuse Derived Fuels Ltd, has now been told it has until 28 February to reduce the stack of refuse.

The Environment Agency was called in to help with the problem last summer and has repeatedly ordered the company to reduce the size of the pile.

David Hudson, environment manager with the agency, said: "Compliance has been very poor to date, very disappointing.

Rubbish flats, rubbish company and rubbish agency...

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