Friday, 30 March 2012

Elf and biscuits: Barmy Medical Association: Wiped out: Asbo Numpty: Horsing around: and Naked golfers.

Not a lot of temperature at the Castle this morn, and allegedly it will be the last day of clement weather for a while, as I have sorted out the garden and we could do with some sky water I don’t mind that much but I think we will be left wanting.

It seems that some departments attached to the Piss Poor Policies Millionaires Club Coalition have been splashing out on fripperies.
The Dept of ‘Elf has ordered an “urgent review” after it was revealed that it spent more than £100,000 in three months on "tea and biscuits".
Silly Billy’s crowd managed to piss away £214,059 for refreshments at the Home Office.
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport planted £3,527 on cut flowers and pot plants and the Foreign Office and its trading arm FCO Services exported £151,990 on taxi contracts over four months last year.
But apparently back at the Dept of Elf they have an excuse-a spokesman insisted the £109,017 biscuit bill was a marked improvement on the first three months of last year when officials managed to spend £137,000 on light refreshments and in 2010 when the spending reached £194,000.
And the ever useful Tory reason-"This spending relates to a hospitality contract that was started in 2005 under the previous administration”.

Oh well, that’s alright then....

Routine operations and doctor's appointments may be cancelled for 24 hours if doctors vote to take industrial action over pensions, the British Medical Association said on Thursday night.
Although the BMA's leaders ruled out a total strike, for reasons of patient safety, they have always made clear all other options were on the table. Stopping all but emergency work was the most radical possibility.
Allegedly "The action would be likely to involve the postponement of routine operations and non-urgent outpatient appointments in hospitals. GP practices would remain open and staffed so they could see patients in need of urgent attention, but routine, non-urgent appointments would not be available on the day of action." 

That’ll really hurt the BUPA enrolled rich gits in the cabinet....

The show, hosted by Amanda Byram and Top Gear's Richard Hammond, will return for one more series in its usual teatime Saturday slot before being shelved.
A BBC spokesperson said: 'After four very successful series of Total Wipeout - and one series of Winter Wipeout - the BBC has taken the decision that the next series, due to transmit later this year, will be the last.'
Total Wipeout sees 20 contestants kitted out with elbow pads and a helmet as they attempt to navigate a padded assault course without plummeting into water below, with rounds including Sucker Punch, the Cradles of Doom and the notoriously tricky Big Red Balls.

Which will leave us with:
1.    18:00–19:00

12/12. Celebrities including Terry Christian and Sophie Anderton tackle the obstacle course.


The coaches battle it out to win over the most outstanding voices for their team.


Five contestants compete to win a big money jackpot. Includes the weekend Lottery draws.


29/41. Jordan's date with Yvonne is put on hold when a former patient nearly dies in the cells.


National and international news from the BBC.


Gary Lineker presents highlights including QPR v Arsenal and Wolves v Bolton.


Manish Bhasin presents highlights from a vital afternoon at Upton Park.

Oh joy....worth every penny of my license fee....

A wealthy oil sheik managed to write orf his brand new Aston Martin worth nearly a quarter of a million pounds on the way to a business meeting.
The multimillionaire from Kuwait, 37, took his £200,000 wheels for a drive in between meetings when he veered off the road as he tried to overtake a cyclist with another car coming towards him in the other direction.

With the car burst into the flames after it came to a stop, the driver was fortunate enough to scramble free in time before flames engulfed the vehicle to ash.

It took 55 fireman two hours to bring the blaze under control in the Austrian capital Vienna and what was remaining among the debris of the car was just the engine and four wheel hubs.

Still when he gets home he can take out the Bentley Continental GT he has in his garage...

Somewhere on our planet.

A brainless Pillock decides to slap a horse on the rump-and gets his just reward.

And finally:

A World record was set yesterday by 30 people who played miniature golf naked to raise money for charity.
The event, held at Adventure Island on Southend seafront, Essex, set the new world record of the most naked people to play miniature golf in one hour.
The participants raised more than £3,000 for The Prostate Cancer Charity.
Adventure Island managing director Marc Miller said: “It’s been an absolutely superb day with people all enjoying the chance to do something memorable, have good fun and raise a large amount of money for a fantastic, charity, of which we are proud to be patrons.
“People have travelled from all over the UK to take part – from as far afield as Durham, Devon and Birmingham – and we’ve heard some amazing stories from so many who have been directly, or indirectly, affected by cancer and wanted to give something back.”

Good for them-let’s hope they hit the right balls....

And today’s thought:

Cabinet meeting.



James Higham said...

from as far afield as Durham, Devon and Birmingham

That's far afield?

Angus said...

It is to Essexites James:)

CherryPie said...

I see the golf clubs were very strategically placed for the photo ;-)

Fair play to them though, that is a very good charity to support :-)

Angus said...

Only "tastful" pics on this blog CherryPie-aprt from the tastless ones of course:)