Sunday, 18 March 2012

The wrong trousers: Tory Wibble Wankers: and Up-up and not away...

‘tis pleasant at the Castle this morn, sunny, warmish, calm and clement, finally finished the second course of non-penicillin antibiotics a couple of days ago, feeling much, much better and able to put digit to keyboard once again (told you not to get excited..) and apologies to those friends who commented/emailed with nice things to say and whom I ignored over the last week or so.

Not quite firing on all cylinders yet but there will be a post every couple of days...

And I have a Dedaw in the garden.

It seems that according to Auntie the biggest story of the Sabbath is that some overpaid foreign ballerina has managed to have a heart attack whilst chasing a bag full of air around a bit of grass; look, sorry for the poor bloke he is only in his twenties but such is life, there are far more important things to worry about such as the state of Blighty, the Piss Poor Policies Millionaires Club Coalition, where are all my missing socks and why is “Royal Mail” so useless as delivering things.

Son of a B......aronet and alien reptile in disguise George (I want to cut my own tax bill) Osborne allegedly wants to scrap the 50% tax on those poor souls who earn more than £150,000 per annus horriblis.
Supposedly it was going to produce revenue of £2.6 billion, which is likely to be reduced to several hundred million when the Treasury completes its sums.
So it seems that the Chancer wants to help those who have more than a lot but doesn’t want to reduce VAT, go juice or other fuel prices.

Typical Tory-can’t see the economy for the cost of living...

And finally in this truncated post:

A 1954 Aerocar is being sold by Rockford, Illinois-based Company Courtesy Aircraft as one of only five which are known to still exist today.
And you could own it for a measly £800,000.
Despite being 'out of warranty' the collector's item could prove to be a popular investment, although it is in need of some maintenance as its last inspection was over 14 years ago and it has not taken to the sky in quite a while.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the flying car is not missing any major parts and is still in a good enough condition to see it take flight again.
With enough room to take two people up into the clouds, the 150-horsepower vehicle has a cruising speed of 100mph and a 300-mile range.

Or you could buy a Honda and save £790,000 to spend on petrol...

And today’s thought:

There are some good points to budget cuts.



CherryPie said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend :-)

James Higham said...

I'm getting one of those aerocars.

Angus said...

good luck with James:)

Mucky buckets CherryPie:)