Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Kit Kat healthcare: Boldly gone: See You charm school: Copenhaver Castle: Universal plug socket: and Flower power.

Lots of lack of temperature at the Castle this morn, a smidge of atmospheric movement and no wet stuff-yet, apparently the thingy in the Smoke is still dragging on minus Phil the Greek, but her Maj and the rest of her German family will be gathered in Christopher Wrens place for a while followed by a carriage procession and, weather allowing, an RAF flypast. 

Another reason to do away with the License fee...

Torbay ‘Orspital was named acute healthcare organisation of the year in 2011 and about 20 of the hospital's staff celebrated at the awards in London.
South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Torbay Hospital, was recognised in the Health Service Journal awards for "best innovation, ideas and dedication". 

And the reward for the hard working health care staff? -a Kit Kat.

Paul Raybould, from the GMB, said: "Management got a slap-up meal and we got only a 60p Kit Kat.

Chief executive of Torbay Hospital Paula Vasco-Knight said the gift had been "misinterpreted" and she had received hundreds of emails from staff thanking her.

She said: "It's a way of thanking everyone - lots of 'thank yous’ to show that we really appreciate staff.

But not that much apparently.....

The space shuttle ­Enterprise passes the gateway to New York Harbour on its final journey to a city museum.

It was towed by barge and went past some of the city’s most famous landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Coney Island and underneath the Verrazano Bridge.

The Enterprise was en route to the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum where it will go on display to the public.

How the mighty have fallen....

Up to 10,000 Glaswegians – from waitresses to taxi drivers – are to be sent on a charm school course where they will be taught how to speak properly, project positive body language and maintain eye contact while talking to visitors as part of the preparations for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
Over the next two years, the aim is to train thousands of service staff to be polite, helpful and charming to tourists. They will be tutored on accepting compliments gracefully, remembering people’s names and offering tips about tourist hotspots. As part of the course they will also be required to complete a quiz about Glasgow, make pledges on how they can improve their behaviour in the future, and asked to sign off contact with a cheery “enjoy the rest of your day”.
The one-day class, entitled Glasgow Welcomes, costs £25 per person and is based on principles created by the Walt Disney Company.

Mickey Mouse politics....

A Camelback Mountain castle that has been a financial nightmare for its owners has sold for $1.45 million.
Robert Pazderka bought the 7,900-square-foot Copenhaver Castle on the south-western flank of the mountain and expects to spend $3 million to $5 million renovating the unusual stone fortress with its secret passages, dungeon and a spa the size of a moat in the living room.
It was built by Dr. Mort Copenhaver, an orthodontist, over the course of a decade starting in 1967. The castle sits 1,200 feet above Camelback Road and includes turrets, a drawbridge fire escape and a fireplace that at one time included a 17-foot waterfall.
The property has been a financial albatross for its three previous owners.
Copenhaver put his castle up for sale in 1985 for $7 million, a princely sum at the time, but two years later cut the price to $2.5 million. No buyer emerged, and Copenhaver lost the 1.1-acre property in a bankruptcy when his dental franchise business collapsed.
Jerry Mitchell, who helped develop the Rawhide theme park in Scottsdale, bought the bank-owned castle in 1989 for $985,000 through his Camelback Castle Corp. That entity filed for bankruptcy in 2004.
The Old Standard Life Insurance Co. picked up Copenhaver Castle for $2.6 million in 2005. It was foreclosed on again and sold as an asset of the stockholders when the insurance company was liquidated.

Time to move?

Apparently the Chinese have managed to produce a universal plug socket, which can take Blighty three pin, American two pin, slanted two pin round pin, square pin and any other type of pin you could think of.... 

Wonderful...mind you what the voltage is only him/her upstairs knows....

And finally:

Those tempted to stray among the dazzling display of bluebells at Longleat safari park would think twice with this prowling lion, one of a pride of 12, keeping guard.

“Although the warning signs clearly have no effect on the lions, we hope they will raise a smile among our visitors,” said Ian Turner, deputy head keeper at the Wiltshire attraction.

Pussy posy protector....

And today’s thought:
Having a jubbly time.



Bernard said...

"a universal plug socket"
As a wall socket, it might be new but not a new idea.
About six months ago I bought that 'tape-to-CD' converter from Amazon. It came with a conti2pin plug. My friendly 'ironmonger' sold me an 'all-singing-all-dancing-muti-pin' converter, with a similar pin configuration.
Hey. I bet you quite fancy that castle, don't you?

James Higham said...

The Enterprise was en route to the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum where it will go on display to the public.

How the mighty have fallen....

Not as fallen as our Harriers.

Angus said...

Ah, but what is on the business end Bernard the cassette killer:)

Can't afford it, I reckon that $1.4 million is about £8.50 at today's exchange rate......

What Harriers James?:)