Sunday, 29 July 2012

Groceries and GPs: No change: Aisle of Man: iPad Pussy: Eastern Aloha Mahalo A Hui Ho: and a-Hoy Numpty.

Saw dawn’s crack between the white fluffy things at the Castle this morn, I have decided to put the new shorts back in the draw as the lack of warm in the atmospheric movement was beginning to give me frostbite on my old dangly bits...

The garden is in need of a minor fettle, the Honda is covered in yellow dusty stuff again and his Maj has decided that he doesn’t want to parachute into the grounds.

And I won’t mention the lack of metal gongs from the thing going on in the Smoke and elsewhere.

No post tomorrow-personal reasons: my lovely young lady is coming to trim my head hair, and the Nork who ballsed up the furnace is returning to put his errors right.

Sainsbury's has opened two more GP surgeries in its supermarkets this year and has urged more practices to come forward to run primary care services in its stores.
The two surgeries come after four opened in Sainsbury's stores across the country last year and are based in stores in Newton Abbot in Devon, which opened in January, and Sunderland, which opened in May.
One surgery, which will be operated by GPs at the Buckland Surgery, Newton Abbot, has a fully equipped consultation room and will offer GP consultations every Monday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Good idea?

Allegedly son of a B......aronet and alien reptile in disguise George (I can’t get past “A”) Osborne will keep both his jobs, aides to the prime monster told the Daily Mail that it was "completely absurd" to suggest that Osborne would be removed from his role in the Treasury in the autumn.
They also confirmed that Osborne will maintain his strategist role for the Conservatives, saying "it is a strength, at a time of economic crisis, to have a chancellor who regularly attends meetings at Downing Street".

That’s us stuffed then.....

Westside Market in New York launched the city’s first “man aisle,” a haven for alpha-males tasked with buying groceries.
The “aisle” — which is actually an end-cap to an aisle — has all the essentials including, but not limited to: deodorant, a cornucopia of Doritos, ramen, beef jerky, beer, condoms and bottled water.
Because guys apparently love crushing empty plastic containers in their meaty manfists after chowing down on pickles and Chips Ahoy cookies.
According to Ian Joskowitz, chief operating officer of Westside Market NYC- essentially, the area is “grocery shopping for dummies” for these men. Who, if they are buying for their families, are doing their wives and children a great health and culinary disservice.

Oh dear....

Developer Little Hiccup has created a series of iPad apps designed to keep pets across the globe entertained and stimulated.
Its first App Game For Cats features a fast-moving mouse pointer which is said to appeal to their hunting instincts as they try to catch it.
It has been so popular that its creator TJ Fuller has followed up the App with a sequel named Paint For Cats.
 Designed for the more artistic moggy, the App makes a colourful paw imprint when a cat touches the screen.
The App was recently tested at an animal shelter where it received a positive response, with bigger cats such as lions and tigers even taking to it.

Oh dear, oh dear....

From land that has never been troubled by radiation comes a new world record for the largest ukulele ensemble.
More than 2,000 strummers gathered in Yokohama, Japan's second-largest city, to trump the previous record set in Sweden.
The group were watched by Guinness World Records officials, AFP news agency said, and played a song called Aloha Mahalo A Hui Ho, written by a Hawaii-born former sumo wrestler.
They set the record during Japan's "Ukulele Picnic Week".
The diminutive guitar-shaped instrument originated from Hawaii, where it is also synonymous with hula dancing.
The previous record was set in August last year by 1,547 uke-wielding Swedes in Helsingborg.

More than one string to their bow then....

And finally: 

On July 9th 1993 Garry Hoy a lawyer for the law firm of Holden Day Wilson in Toronto attempted to prove to a group of his partners at the firm that the glass in the Toronto-Dominion Centre was unbreakable, so he threw himself at a glass wall on the 24th storey and fell to his death after the window frame gave way.
He had apparently performed this stunt many times in the past, having previously bounced harmlessly off the glass.

Should have worn a parachute...

And today’s thought:
What makes you think I have been taking steroids Olympics?



James Higham said...

Probably better looking after one's health in Sainsbury's than in the NHS, although the opening ceremony said differently.

Angus said...

Thank what's his/her name for Mary Poppins, otherwise there would be thousands of unnecessary deaths each year...

Wonder if they do two for one?

CherryPie said...

I think cats are perfectly able to entertain themselves without the help of digital technology. I expect it is really the humans that are entertained by it and the cats are having a laugh at their expense!

Bernard said...

That last picture would certainly win a gold in the next 'O Limp Dicks'! :)

Angus said...

I think you may well be right CherryPie)

Love that comment Bernard the b.......d I hate you:)

jual gps said...

so do I with Probably better looking after one's health in Sainsbury's than in the NHS, although the opening ceremony said differently.